Málaga - Real Madrid online, how to watch the final match of the BBVA league online for free

2010_05_15_Real Madrid-Malaga1

This Sunday, May 16 , the last matches of a BBVA league will be broadcast that will put many on the brink of heart attack. Real Madrid and Barí§a play the title in a single game that both are bound to win. The meringues, just one point from Barcelona , are facing their last chance in the match against Malaga taking place in the stadium of La Rosareda at 19:00 .

The match will be broadcast exclusively on Canal + , so fans who cannot get to a bar that broadcasts it or are not Canal + subscribers will have a problem if they want to watch the match. As always, the Internet comes to the rescue (albeit in a rather irregular way) of these fans. Some websites offer the ability to watch the game online. The process is identical to the one we have discussed to watch the Barcelona - Valladolid game online for free . However, the procedure is not entirely safe and it is advisable to spend some time before the match testing and installing various systems to avoid disappointment when the match is about to start.

The process begins by entering pages such as Intergoles, Roja Directa or VerTVonline . Detailed instructions on how to prepare the computer to watch the game usually come with them . There are several forms of online broadcasting , those that use Flash technology or the Windows multimedia player are the simplest, but it is very rare that the games at the end of the league are broadcast under this system.

The normal thing in these cases is that the match is broadcast from a Justin TV soccer channel or through streaming programs that use P2P file transmission . In the case of Justin TV , the free accounts are limited to a certain time . Apart from going premium, which would be the simplest thing, there are several solutions to bypass this restriction that go through making the service believe that we connect from a server outside of Spain or use external programs . You have all the instructions on how to manipulate the Justin TV restrictions on this website .

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In the event that the game is broadcast via P2P , you need to turn off any P2P program you are using (such as eMule or BitTorrent ) and install some P2P viewing software such as StreamTorrent, SopCast, or TVUPlayer (there is a complete list of these applications here ). After configuring the software , you have to access one of the channels that broadcast the game . These channels do not start broadcasting until approximately one hour before the meeting, but it is recommended to connect to them beforehand to capture sources and be able to see the signal without problems.

The process is not as simple as signing up for Canal + , but it is a last minute alternative if we don't have more options to follow our favorite team live. Good luck to all teams!