Yamaha MCR-B020, micro audio system with Bluetooth

yamaha mcr-b020

With the MCR-B020 , Yamaha offers a very versatile micro audio system. It is a compact computer with a modern design, with bold lines. It is made up of a small central unit and a pair of speakers . The central unit is just enough to accommodate a CD player, and the speakers take up practically the same space. The result is a micro system that can be installed on any shelf or on any table. It can even be placed on the bedside table, because it can function as an alarm clock, as it includes an alarm function and a timer so that it turns off only after the pre-programmed time. All functions are very easy to use.

The product is available in three colors: orange, black and pearl gray. In all cases, the front is black, both for the central unit and for the textile grille that protects the speaker cones. The loudspeakers are full-range and incorporate a bass port, to increase performance at the lower frequencies. They work in a frequency range s that goes from 50 to 20,000 hertz . They have a cone 10 centimeters in diameter. This setting is designed to deliver dynamic sound where bass is not lacking, and where midrange and treble are crisp and clear. The shape of the enclosures, which act similar to a drum, contribute to this result.

yamaha mcr-b020

One of the great advantages of this Yamaha micro system is the inclusion of Bluetooth , which allows you to enjoy music wirelessly from a compatible smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It carries Bluetooth version 4.0 with the A2DP profile , which facilitates the transmission of stereo music wirelessly, and is also compatible with the SBC audio codec . It is necessary that there is no more than ten meters between the micro system and the Bluetooth device , so that the sound does not suffer interference. the amplifier The existing headunit provides an audio output power of 2 by 15 watts, suitable for close-range listening.

The CD player supports commercial compact discs, CD-R and CD-RW ; these latter optical media can contain MP3 and WMA files . The unit also integrates an FM radio tuner with the capacity to store thirty presets. The possible sources do not end there, because you can play USB music from a memory key. Also, thanks to an auxiliary inputIn stereo minijack, it can be connected to a computer or a portable audio player. By the way, it has a headphone output with a stereo minijack connector. The central unit measures 18 by 14 by 28 centimeters, while each of the speakers measures 12 by 15 by 26 centimeters. In terms of weight, the central unit weighs 1.8 kilograms, and each of the speakers weighs 1.3 kilograms. The Yamaha MCR-B020 micro-system is marketed in stores in our country at a retail price of 200 euros.