6 current scientific discoveries that could change your life


Science saves us. Thanks to the scientific discoveries of the last century, humanity has advanced by leaps and bounds . But our researchers do not stop working and bring out new inventions and possibilities that could improve our lives in the very short term . Today we want to tell you about six recent scientific discoveries that will surprise you.


1. A new antibiotic in 30 years.

We are sure that you have heard of a growing problem in medicine: resistance to antibiotics. At the beginning of last year, four North American and German institutions and two pharmaceutical companies discovered teixobactin , an antibiotic that does not present resistance. Scientists haven't come up with a new antibiotic for 30 years, so this breakthrough could be instrumental in advancing the medical field when it comes to treating humans.

2. Google can learn a language and answer questions.

Oriol Vinyals and Quoc Le , Google researchers , have developed a system capable of analyzing your existing conversations and learning how to respond for you . This is a shift in focus on learning, replacing manual coding. The operation is based on the neural networks of human brains, a system that different companies have already used when it comes to recognizing faces on Facebook or translating phone calls from one language to another.

3. Bionic lenses.

And here is another scientific project that could improve your life: a bionic lens developed by Dr. Garth Webb that would replace the natural lens of the human eye. This could improve sight, multiplying its capacity by three, in addition to preventing cataracts. While natural lenses deteriorate over time, the Ocumetics solution (this is Garth Webb's company name ) would become a permanent solution. The lens could be on the market as of 2017 and could be integrated into the human eye in just 8 minutes. The procedure would be painless.


4. The Tesla solar battery.

The battery developed by Tesla would aim to end expensive household and business electricity bills. The invention would solve one of the problems facing most efficient systems (solar, wind ...) be able to store energy . It appears that in this case, the Tesla battery  could conserve energy for a week, so that users could use it when there were power cuts, on days with little sun or when electricity was more expensive. Tesla would have come up with a couple of different batteries: one intended for homes and one for businesses. Its price could be about 3,100 euros .

5. A cream to erase tattoos.

Would you like to remove from your arm the name of that girlfriend who betrayed you? Don't you know how to keep that horrible tattoo that you got when you were young out of your sight ? Don't worry, there is a method that is not painful and above all, it is not expensive. We are not talking about the laser, no, but about a cream that Alec Falkenham , a Pathology student at Dalhouse University (Canada), has just invented . It costs 5 euros and contains macrophages , white cells that devour the cells that have ink and direct them to the lymph nodes. From there they travel to the liver and are expelled from the body.. It's certainly a strange-sounding process, but experts agree that it works and that removal is neither toxic nor traumatic. Would you dare to try it? At the moment it is not for sale, but it is expected that it can be commercialized shortly.

6. Kites everywhere.

One of the last discoveries of the year that we have already left behind has to do with the universe and of course, with the Earth that we inhabit. A report by a team of astronomers from the University of Buckingham and the Armagh Observatory states that a significant increase in giant comets has been detected in the outer planetary system in the last twenty years. They are centaurs , comets that can be between 50 and 100 kilometers in diameter . Currently, NASA is looking at 12,992, but all these, it is estimated that 1,607 can be potentially dangerous.

What do you think of these discoveries? Do you think any of these will change your life?