MásMóvil customer service: phone number, contact and support email


Do you have a voice and data or fiber rate contracted in MásMóvil and is it giving you problems? In that case, the smartest solution is to call the operator's customer service. It is available from Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning to 12 at night (for customers already), so in case of doubts and complaints it will be very useful to have all the ways to contact MásMóvil at hand. As with other rival companies, before contacting a physical operator, you will have to go through a robot and answer different questions to take you to the appropriate department.

Other ways to contact MásMóvil are through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or through your postal address. Keep reading to find out all the possible ways you have to communicate with MásMóvil.

MásMóvil customer service phone numbers

MásMóvil has different phone numbers enabled depending on whether you are already a customer, if you are not or if you call from abroad. In any of them you will be attended to after a few minutes from when you dial the phone, either from your landline or mobile.

  • If you are calling from a MásMóvil number: 2373
  • If you call from a number of another operator: 911 333 333 or by dialing 900 697 357 or 900 696 000 for free
  • If you call from abroad: +34 693 772 373

If you are a customer of the operator, the customer service phone hours are from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 00:00. Non-customers will have to settle for hours from 9:00 to 23:00, also from Monday to Sunday.

MásMóvil customer service: phone number, contact and support email 1

Contact MásMóvil by email

Another way you can contact MásMóvil is through their email address. We encourage you to use this method if you have previously called the customer service phone and have not resolved your doubts, or if you have a more extensive complaint and need to calmly write it so that everything is very well explained. The address is: [email protected]

Of course, it is possible that the MásMóvil team will take a few days to answer you. However, we advise you to be patient, as sooner or later you will receive a response from the corresponding department.

Send a claim by post to MásMóvil

Like any operator, MásMóvil makes a postal address available to anyone who needs it. You can write them a letter so that your claim has a stamp and sender. It is a somewhat more traditional way, but just as effective.

Av.de Brussels, 38,

Postal code: 28108

Alcobendas, Madrid

The only drawback of this system is that you will have to be very patient to receive a response. Keep in mind that while the letter arrives at its destination, the company receives it and processes it to give you an answer, it may take days or weeks.

Contact through social networks

MásMóvil is also present on social networks. Therefore, if you raise your problems or doubts through the main platforms where the operator is present, you will be able to get a response from their agents. You have the following options:

  • Facebook MásMóvil
  • Twitter MoreMobile
  • Instagram MoreMobile


Other ways of contact

When making a claim, in addition to using the previous contact channels, you can also use the following:

Free mediation service:

If you are a natural person and have previously complained to MásMóvil about an issue related to data protection without finding a solution, you can enter the free mediation service managed by the Association for the regulation of Autocontrol communication to which the operator is attached. This activity is aimed at helping you as an individual or company and the operator to reach an agreement quickly, as long as it is related to claims that you may have made in relation to the protection of personal data against MásMóvil. Don't worry, because this whole process will have no cost for you.

To start the process, click on "request mediation" to access the online form. It is available right in the middle of the web. You will not have any problem with it, since it is quite simple. You will only have to fill in a series of questions. Once you have completed it, they will send you a summary of your claim and your file number. You can also send them the request, along with the corresponding documentation, via email ([email protected]) or by filling in the PDF form that you can download here. You can also contact Autocontrol by calling 91 309 66 37 - Ext. 109/114.


Keep in mind that in the event that your request could not be processed, it would be transferred to the operator so that it has proof of it and can attend it in another way.

Online dispute resolution platform:

In 2016 the European Commission launched a platform to help consumers resolve disputes related to purchases made over the Internet. This is the platform for online dispute resolution (RLL), one more option that you can consult in the event that your problem grows older and you do not get a response from the operator. Although we remind you that this is always to resort as a last option. Always before trying to reach a solution with the operator, either through their customer service, social networks, via email or postal mail.

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