How to claim compensation for delay on the Renfe website

Renfe compensation ticket delay

The Renfe strike has just been announced today on the 21st of this month and on January 7, that is, during the beginning and end of the Christmas period. With this scenario in the Spanish railway company, it is possible that the departures of the different trains in Spain will be reduced to a few throughout the day. Whether or not we have bought a Renfe ticket during these days, this time we will show you how to claim the delay of a Renfe train to receive the current compensation stipulated by Spanish Law.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify that the amount of each compensation varies depending on the type of ticket and train and the delay time . On this Renfe website we can see the amount corresponding to each type of ticket and train. It should be added that in the case of a promotional ticket (that is, with a discount for whatever reason), the amount owed will be less than in the other cases or directly not compensable.

Claim compensation for a Renfe ticket due to delay

Reporting a claim on the Renfe website with our ticket is extremely easy. The first thing we should have is both the ticket number (not to be confused with the locator code) and the city of origin and destination . We must also look at whether some of the parts of the ticket contain the words "Non-refundable", in which case we will not be able to carry out the process that we will describe below. All these data can be found on the physical or digital ticket itself, as can be seen in the image below.

renfe ticket

Once we have all this data, what we must do is access this link that will take us to the Renfe website; specifically to the Compensation section. When we have accessed it, we will enter the data that we have just specified.

Renfe compensation

Then, the website will offer us three types of compensation:

  • Refund of the amount
  • Discount code for the amount plus 20% on the next purchase of a ticket
  • Renfe points plus 30% corresponding to the compensation

In any of the methods that we choose, we must provide the data, whether user or personal, to receive the amount in the way we have selected.

Renfe compensation

We must bear in mind that the maximum period to demand a refund is three months from the date of the trip in question, and it can be done the next 24 hours after the trip is made only and exclusively if the system has registered the delay. If we have bought the ticket through the Renfe application, we can do it automatically from it without going through the website following the method we have just explained.