Sony launches MyXperia, a service to locate the mobile in case of loss or theft

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It is still a pilot service, that is, in test mode, but some Sony mobile phone owners may already start testing it. It is My Xperia , a service used to locate the mobile in case of loss or theft. For now, it can only be used by users of the Sony Xperia acro S in the Nordic countries, although the truth is that all Sony Mobile forecasts point towards a broader deployment during the coming months of this 2013 . The application, which must be installed on the phone, will be very useful in case of loss or theft. It is a service, in short, that provides securityto the client and that it has two fundamental tasks . The first, to be able to locate the phone. The second is to prevent our private information - whether personal or professional - from falling into the hands of the wrong person. But how does the service really work? What is the way of operating MyXperia ? Will we have a chance to enjoy it soon?

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Well, its operation is as follows. To activate the service, simply access the site and enter the Google ID data , those with which you registered your Google account or email service, Gmail . So far very easy. Once you have logged in , the system will automatically redirect you to the remote control functions to tell you where the phone is. Once identified, the phone will override silent mode and activate the lock screento prevent anyone from accessing your private information. If necessary, in addition, the system will be perfectly capable of eliminating the data from the external SD card , as well as the information stored within the phone's own memory. It is a very useful tool for those who are always afraid of losing their smartphone with all that this circumstance entails.

There are still few accurate forecasts about his official launch. However, as explained by one of the company's directors, Marcin Zielinski , head of Sony Experience , the launch of MyXperia in its final version will be done in phases. The first who will be able to enjoy the service will be users from the Nordic countries and only on some selected phones from the Xperia family introduced in 2012 , whose current operating system is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) . As we indicated at the beginning, the first compatible device will be the Sony Xperia Acro SAlthough new models will be added in the coming weeks. Users who participate in this pilot test - selected by Sony itself - will receive an alert message to carry out an update via OTA (over the air) , although it will also be available from the Update Center . The company will ask users for information and opinions about their experience , in order to launch a purposeful and useful version for users around the world.