▷ Amazon account locked: how to recover and unlock an account

amazon account locked recover

Although it is not usually common, there are times when Amazon blocks our account for one reason or another, in such a way that it is impossible for us to access the platform with our access data (email address and password). The reasons why Amazon blocks an account can be diverse, and the possible solution to unblock an Amazon Spain account depends entirely on the reason for the closure .

A few weeks ago we saw all the advantages that the Amazon Prime service offers. Days ago we reviewed five alternatives to CamelCamelCamel to follow the price drops on Amazon. On this occasion we will teach you how to unlock and recover an Amazon Spain account.

Why has Amazon blocked my account?

Amazon, like other trading platforms such as eBay or Aliexpress, has security methods that block access to certain accounts in case of suspicious activity.

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Some of the reasons why Amazon blocks an account are:

  • Use multiple delivery addresses in shipments : if you have a personal and private account, the use and enjoyment of it is limited to that of the owner, which is why we will not be able to use multiple delivery addresses.
  • Buy products very often : by default, Amazon blocks access to all those accounts that make purchases very often to prevent the purchase of products in case of account or bank card theft.
  • Wrong card or bank account information : if we have wrongly entered our bank account or credit card number, Amazon may block access to the account for the same reasons as the previous case.

How to recover an Amazon Spain account

In the event that Amazon has blocked our account, it is most likely that the system has automatically sent an email to our email address indicating the possible forms of Amazon contact and the way to proceed to recover the account .

amazon fax account locked

Example of a truthful email sent by Amazon after an account is blocked.

In general, to recover an Amazon account we will have to send the information requested by the system to the following fax number:

  • 206-266-1838

The type of information to be sent will be specified in the original email , although it usually corresponds to the following information:

  • A document in Word format with our full name, our telephone number and the email address used at Amazon.
  • A printed copy extracted from our bank account of the last movement of the credit or debit card used in Amazon.

When we have collected all the data, we will send the required information to the fax provided above . We can use a physical fax or a virtual fax like MyFax or other alternatives.

As an additional security measure, before sending the fax to Amazon through the number 206-266-1838 we will have to verify that the email address corresponds to [email protected] . Otherwise, it is most likely that the email is fraudulent and the author of it wants to take over our account.

Other ways to contact Amazon

If we prefer to contact Amazon directly to solve the problem, we can do so through the following ways:

Amazon customer service phone

  • 900 803 711 (free)
  • 800 810 251 (free)
  • 91 123 04 13 (national call rate)

Amazon Chat

  • Click on this link