How to watch the OT2020 final online and vote for your favorite as the winner

How to watch the OT2020 final online and vote for your favorite

It was hard, with stops and all kinds of shocks. Even from the first weeks. But no one is aware that this edition of Operación Triunfo 2020 will go down in history for all this. Gone is the nostalgic feeling of OT2017, or the vindictive OT2018. This OT2020 has great protagonists and, in addition to the 16 participants, the COVID-19 pandemic has been another of them. Now comes the time for the grand finale. Only one can be the winner of 100,000 euros. And there is little left to know who it will be.

Everything will be decided at the final gala. Gala 13 of this OT2020, which will take place next Wednesday, June 10 at around 10:05 at night . Here we can see up to five performances with the finalists who have reached the grand final, but also some more surprises. From the presence of Lola Indigo, to group performances with no less than the 16 contestants of this 2020 edition. But, you want to know how to see everything that will happen and where to do it. Well keep reading:

  • RTVE web : It is the clearest and most direct online option. The one that imitates retransmission through the TVE1 television channel but directly on any screen connected to the Internet. You have different options: from the on-demand TRVE mobile applications for Android and iPhone, to the web page from the browser. Either on mobile devices or on the computer.


  • DTT : Apart from the official option of RTVE, you have the option of using DTT mobile applications to follow the same broadcast of TVE1 live from your mobile. You can download the application La TDT-TV Pública España to choose the channel of TVE1. Select one of the servers and enjoy the broadcast on your Android mobile. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you have alternatives such as Spanish DTT TV, with options as interesting as using Siri as a remote control or the AirPlay option to take to the TV.


The gala

Nía, Hugo, Eva, Flavio and Anaju will be more than present at the 13th and final gala of OT2020 . These five finalists are playing it to be the best contestant of OT2020 and win no less than a prize of 100.00 euros. To take the public to their land they will sing up to five times.

First they will relive the gala 0 of OT2020 singing again the song with which they entered the contest.

  • Nia: “I like it”, by Cardi B and Bad Bunny
  • Hugo: “Lobos”, by Leiva
  • Eva: “Let's Twist Again” by Chubby Checker
  • Anajú: “Catalina”, by Rosalía
  • Flavio: “Your Man”, by Josh Turner

Then there will be time for them to sing the song chosen for this week on the occasion of the final .

  • Nia: “Say Something”, by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
  • Hugo: “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
  • Eva: “People Help The People”, by Birdy
  • Anajú: “7 rings”, by Ariana Grande
  • Flavio: “Death Of A Bachelor”, by Panic! At The Disco

And once it's decided who the real three finalists are, they can try to steer the public's attention with their own singles they've created and produced at the academy.

  • Nia: "8 wonders"
  • Hugo: "Demons"
  • Eva: "Dumb"
  • Anajú: "I'll go"
  • Flavio: "Calm"

Of course, there will be stellar performances such as that of Lola Indigo or the participation of the 16 original contestants of this edition in the group songs "Díselo al mar" and "Sal de mi" .

How to vote for the winner

Now, if you want to vote for your winner or winner of OT2020, you will have two clear options. One will be to do it by calling or sending SMS messages to the number of your favorite that will be given during the program. Remember that this way of voting has a price.

vote winner

If you want to vote for free, you can do it directly in the OT2020 application . Here, after registering with your Google or Facebook data, you can choose the favorite. After confirming the vote, the die will be cast. Of course, you can vote once every day, so do not hesitate to do it before next Wednesday to count at least two votes.