The 10 great absent from music on Spotify

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At this point it seems clear that Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services to listen to music in the most comfortable way possible. In fact, some still listen to their favorite songs with advertising in between, although many others have chosen to sign up for Spotify Premium , a modality that costs five euros a month and allows you to listen to music without interruptions and without time limits. The truth is that Spotify has a great variety of authors , although in many cases quite a few artists, groups or alternative singers escape . On the other hand, somegroups most celebrated and even mythical , they have not yet entered the Spotify universe . Some have refused and others are still not clear that this is a good system to disseminate their music. Today we are going to review the list of the ten great absent from music on Spotify .


1) The Beatles. It took a lot for those from Liverpool to become part of the iTunes catalog for Apple . The eternal discussion between the owners of the Beatles' rights with those responsible for the different platforms for the dissemination of music has not ceased. So much so, that the songs of John, Paul, George and Ringo have not yet been integrated into the Spotify catalog . They are undoubtedly one of the groups that has been missed the most.

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2) Pink Floyd. The British have not wanted to join Spotify either . Rock group par excellence, Pink Floyd started in the purest psychedelia to enter progressive rock and symphonic rock. It is, as you know, one of the most important groups in history with more than 300 million records sold around the world. Great records like The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) , Wish You Were Here (1975) or Animals (1977) are not in the Spotify library , so users of this service do not have access to a fundamental part of the history of rock . A shame.

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3) AC / DC. A prestigious magazine placed this group at the top of the list of the 50 groups you must see before you die . If you are not going to get off at one of their concerts (the next appointment of these legendary will be in 2013 with a world tour to present a new album) you will be able to see their performances on YouTube , but you will not listen to them on Spotify . Great hits like Back In Black or Highway to Hell are off the virtual shelf of this streaming music service. This band will be missed by pro rockers and those who want to remember their old hits .


4) Oasis. They were born in 1991 and died out - musically - in 2009 . His music, however, has never been on Spotify . The Gallagher brothers band has not wanted to be part of this service either, unfortunately for those nostalgic for such celebrated songs as Whatever or Wonderwall . An anger between the brothers put an end to almost two decades of music with 33 singles in tow, nine of them incorporated at the top of the British charts . The band eventually changed their name to Beady Eye , although Noel Gallagher is no longer part of the group. By the way, theBeady Eye have a disc housed in this Swedish invention.


5) Metallica. Another great absent from the list of rockers who have not wanted to get into the Spotify game . The owner of great historical songs such as "Nothing Else Matters", "Master Of Puppets" or "Hervester Of Sorrow" does not have a single album in the service, despite the fact that at some point in 2010 "Death Magnetic" was included. in a timely manner. At the moment you have at your disposal a couple of songs that have been included in compilations. Founded in 1981 in Los Angeles , Metallica celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2011 . The controversy was sounded in 2000by Metallica's lawsuit against Napster, the P2P service that allowed users to exchange music . In 2001 the group canceled the lawsuits, considering that the controversy did not benefit them at all.

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6) Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Alternative rock band  Red Hot Chilli Peppers has also left the Spotify world . Formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, California , the band has long been considered the inventor of the punk funk genre. It is estimated that since its inception, the Red Hot have sold a whopping 110 million records . The band went into standby in 2008 upon leaving  Frusciante . After a new guitarist joined in October 2009 , the band continues to work on new projects. They have no intention, for now, to insert their discs into Spotify .

7) Led Zeppelin.

The guys at Led Zeppelin have not wanted to put their songs on Spotify either , so fans of this legendary group don't have the opportunity to enjoy them: not through this platform. Thus, the authors of "Stairway to Heaven" have completely gone from music via streaming to continue with their usual distribution formats. Thirty years after the band's dissolution, Led Zeppelin continue to be successful thanks to their long record collection. In addition to having a brand new discography, Led Zeppelin has become a great influence for countless later groups.

8) Adele. Adele has become known in recent times as a revelation voice in the genre of blues, soul and jazz. The first album, "19", was released in 2008 and is on Spotify . However, the album "21" has not yet been posted. And that was the best-selling album in the world in 2011 . In fact, a total of 20 million records and up to 25 million singles have been distributed . Although it continues to be successful, it is very likely that  Adele Laurie Blue Adkins' relationship with Spotify is no longer fruitful.

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9) Last in Line. It seems that Manolo García and Quimi Portet have not agreed to give the songs of the famous group El Último de la Fila to Spotify . At the moment we can hardly find a couple of songs, included in compilations, so that anyone interested in delving into the memory of the Mediterranean pop-rock of the 80s and 90s can give their attempt frustrated. At most, you have at your disposal the successes of Manolo García and Quimi Portet , separated: each one on their own.


10) The Eagles.

And we finished this list of great absentees with a band as important as the others. And we have to refer to The Eagles , the owners of "Take It Easy" and "Hotel California" . After a long period of inactivity between 1980 and 1994 , the band decided to return and is still active. What they have not wanted is to access the Spotify listings to be present in the playlists of the most nostalgic . A real shame. We will see if one day these giants decide to return to the Olympus of streaming to brighten the lives of their fans.

And you, who do you miss on Spotify ? Doesn't your favorite artist have his records hanging on this online music service either? The truth is that there are many alternative bands that do not have any song online. We open the comments section to add those musicians who have not wanted to access this broadcast platform.

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