20 funny and absurd summer songs to watch on YouTube

summer songs

The light song is not a thing of a summer. Not two. Not three. The song of summer is linked to this season of the year and threatens to remain for life echoing in your ears and in your head forever. All the songs of the summer are funny, devilishly catchy and absurd for a long time. But they are here to liven up an entire summer season of tacky and entertaining.

They are free and they are there, on YouTube, at the mercy of anyone who wants one of these two things. Option A: have a great time without knowledge or measure. Option B: give anyone the afternoon and probably the entire summer. Whether you contemplate one route or the other, we will provide you with material so that you do not miss anything.

Here you have two dozen funny and absurd summer songs on a tray. They come unwrapped or anything. These things better without hesitation. All you have to do, if you dare, is hit the play button. 

1. There is no beach here - The Refrescos

This first summer nonsense emerged in 1989, but to top it all, Los Refrescos (that's the name of the group that triumphed with this move) have made a cover again. This second crime was committed in 2004 and we are here to remind you.

2. Chiki Chiki, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

It was 2008 when Andreu Buenafuente thought that it would be a good idea to laugh a little at Eurovision. He got Rodolfo Chikilicuatre (David Fernández) to embark with his five dancers (among which was Silvia Abril, by the way). As planned, we made a fool of ourselves (although that's not new) and then we sang and danced all summer long. One, the brikidans ...

3. Eat me the donut - Lapipi and Giraffe Rey

I'll come with you, I'll put you a steak / I don't buy a follower and you do / I'll bring you all the kit (kat), the face split - ah / I'll leave it in glitch gyal, at 32bit it goes / Get ready, get ready, get ready for 'The hit / That is coming / Eat me the donut, eat me the donut. This starts as bad as it ends. These lyrical geniuses don't give a damn about making a fool of themselves with jerky movements. We have no words for more.

4. Bomba - King Africa

How could the legendary King Africa be missing from a ranking of absurd summer songs? Well, here you have it, with the greatest summer success of all time. How many times did it play in the summer of 2000? And at your cousin's wedding? Shut up, shut up… it's thinking about it and coming back memories of those times you danced and sang Boooooooomba loudly , right? Better we draw a thick veil: that has already been two decades.

5. Opá, I traveled a corral - The Koala

And we go with another character who at the time left us stupid. He vindicated the rural thing with a song that wanted to be a kind of rock, but that remained in a mixture between plaid shirts, straw, chickens and pigs. Can anyone guarantee that animals and people did not suffer when recording that video?

6. The chiringuito - Georgi Dann

Stop machines, here is the king of summer songs. He is, with all due respect, the king of light, summery, goofy song: Georgie Dann. It will not be the first time that we talk about this good man and his endearing successes. El chiringuito is one of the most representative songs of any summer worth its salt. So, here it is.

7. Sexy Summer - Aless Gibaja

The thing about this boy is not wasted. Let's say that, at a minimum, it is to lock up. But if you want to laugh at his expense, here is a succulent video in which he lends himself to all kinds of mockery, insults and scorn. The poor man dances to the sound of a very Martian song (if that is what someone has the nose to call it a song) among unicorns and other oddities. If you can endure ten seconds, you deserve an award.

8. Asejeré - Las Ketchup

Do you remember these three girls? They are Tomatito's daughters and they called themselves Las Ketchup. Nobody knew how to decipher very well what was the hidden message that was in the lyrics of the song, but the truth is that people spent the summer dancing and trying to get that choreography right. And so her story ended.

9. Mayonnaise - Chocolate

It is seen that the sauces are for the summer. Although today it seems impossible, this song became famous not one summer, no ... but several. It had choreography included and there was no waste either. It was, for a long time, a central hit at weddings, baptisms and communions.

10. Waka, Waka - Shakira

We arrive at the song of the summer number ten with the certainty that the songs that succeed do not have to be located in the field of logic. Not much less. And if not, remember the song that Shakira popularized for the World Cup in South Africa. The one in which Iniesta's goal led us to stardom, just ten years ago. In the official theme that of Waka, Waka was tirelessly repeated. And she succeeded. Dancing is perfect for making a fool of yourself as a family.

11. Follow the Leader - SBS

This was the song of the summer and of all times: weddings, baptisms and communions. With a choreography, let's say, little worked, everything consisted of following the leader (that is, the brother-in-law who is at one of the ends of your row) with the raised finger. And then the other way around. No, don't deny it. Even though you've tried to erase it from your mind, all those dancing are recorded on VHS. Maybe this summer you want to repeat it and upload it to Instagram.

12. The BBQ - Georgie Dann

We return to the load (because it is a tremendous load) with Georgie Dann and his other great success: The barbecue. She is present whenever someone organizes one, especially if it is in summer. Be brave and then try to get it out of your head. WILL NOT BE ABLE. It has something ancient and mystical that prevents it.

13. Macarena - Los del Río

If they had done it on purpose, he could not have done better. Macarena's song was catapulted as a worldwide hit back in 1993. Even Bill Clinton danced it in public and these Sevillian gentlemen were covered, of course. To dance it you don't have to go to any academy. Now, if they stop you for being ridiculous, it's not our business.

14. Don't break my poor heart anymore - Coyote Dax

Well, special mention deserves Coyote Dax and its not breaking anymore. Put your hand on the Bible right now and swear you didn't try to take those ridiculous little steps to the rhythm of Aunt Encarnita at your cousin's wedding. What crazy, huh? Those little years. Ahem, we don't have a bible around here.

15. The flying cat - El Chombo

In the chapter of disturbing songs is that of The Flying Cat. A thing from another planet that was sung by a certain El Chombo. Do not ask us what that succession of ancestral cries means, because we have not found any explanation. We have not even been able to find out what substance they ingested before composing such a thing.

16. The Shark - Project One

Let's continue with the selection of songs dedicated to animals. "There is the shark / There is the shark / The shark took it, the shark / Don't stop, go on, go on, don't stop, go on, go on / Don't stop, go on, go on, don't stop, go on, go on". It's all you have to know to sing it. And at this point we must ask ourselves, how will humanity have managed to survive until today?

17. Making love - Dinio

From the creator of "La noche me confunde" is the hit "Making love", with a misspelling included, because it is in the nature of the specimen. Dinio, who rose to fame for becoming a boyfriend of Marujita Díaz, sang a song years ago with which he triumphed in various discotheques and televisions. Intelligent life was neither there nor expected.

18. Stick - Ylenia

Years later this lady arrived, whose name is Ylenia and who seems to have a problem when pronouncing. The thing basically consists of touching a lot and making jerky movements. Something like a good example of why we tend to look bad in the PISA report.

19. Micromania - Tata Golosa

Do not try to make sense of this song, because not even this woman, who sang it, knew very well how to decipher what she was saying. It seems that this lady was Italian and emulated orgasms as the song progressed (song, to say the least). You won't complain about the selection: thank goodness it's already over.

20. La salchipapa - Leticia Sabater

And we say goodbye in this apocalyptic special with another of those signs that the world is ending. Although to make things less serious, we have chosen a parody that Yolanda Ramos made of one of the tremendous hits that Leticia Sabater gives us every summer. Nor was it a matter of making the day more bitter. Ala, that you suffer, I say, enjoy a lot.