5 Spanish series that you can watch on Netflix this fall


Since Netflix is available in Spain, movie and series lovers have one more excuse to stay at home. The sofa and blanket plan is more and more widespread, because the truth is that in addition to being super relaxing, it is cheap. If you love series, but prefer to use Spanish products, on Netflix you will also find some interesting proposals . It is true that most channels have their own television services on demand, but if you are a Netflix user , here you will have everything available from one place. Next, we propose 5 Spanish series to watch on Netflix this fall .

The Ministry of Time

1. The Ministry of Time


It has been a real success. El Ministerio del Tiempo is a television series halfway between historical fiction and fantasy, created and directed by Pablo and Javier Olivares . The series is a curious and ingenious journey through the different events of history, with the participation of the great characters of all time. Its cast is made up of Rodolfo Sancho, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Hugo Silva, Nacho Fresneda, Aura Garrido, Juan Gea, Francisco Piñón and Jaime Blanch . At the moment two seasons have been broadcast and the third is on the way. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the first and second chapters from Netflix, although if you prefer you will also find it available from the RTVE.es page .

Under suspicion

2. Under suspicion

Initially premiered on Antena 3, Under Suspicion is a series composed of two seasons, starring Yon González, Blanca Romero and Lluís Homar . It narrates the disappearance of Alicia Vega , a 10-year-old girl who disappears without a trace on the day of her first communion. Agents Victor and Laura have to impersonate a marriage newcomer to the village and infiltrate the family environment and suspects. In the second season, the policemen will have to infiltrate another environment to solve the murder and disappearance of three women, among whom is the head of nurses at the Montalbán Polyclinic Hospital.

The time between seams

3. The time between seams

The time between seams is a series inspired by the homonymous novel by María Dueñas . In this, which was also broadcast on Antena 3 , the life of Sira Quiroga is narrated , a dressmaker who left Madrid as soon as the Spanish Civil War began and founded a haute couture workshop in Tetuan . The miniseries is made up of seventeen episodes, in which the actress Adriana Ugarte plays the role of Sira Quiroga . Along with her we find Elvira Minguez, Elena Irureta, Rubén Cortada and Raúl Arévalo. Sira's desperation, wrapped in an unexpected plot, will make the protagonist have to face serious risks and circumstances on the verge of illegality.


4. Isabel

Isabel  was another of the big bets of RTVE . It is a television series based on the life of Queen Isabel I of Castile . Michelle Jenner and Rodolfo Sancho embody the role of the Catholic Monarchs and the story spans from the childhood of Isabel I until her death, passing through such important milestones in the history of Spain as the civil wars for the throne of Castile and the marriage with Fernando. of Aragon, the conquest of Granada , the war of the Castilian Succession , the Inquisitionand the expulsion of the Jews. The series consists of three seasons, so if you like historical series, here you have entertainment for a while.

Vis a Vis

5. Vis a vis

And we end these five recommendations with a more current proposal, because it has been broadcast on Antena 3 since 2016 . It is a prison drama and suspense that has on occasion been compared to Orange is the new black , an American fiction that was already aired on Netflix . It consists of two seasons, although on Netflix (for now) you will only find the first. Macarena , a young woman played by Maggie Civantos , is imprisoned for having committed several crimes of embezzlement out of love for her boss. Upon entering the Cruz del Sur prison as an inmate, she will have to face prison life and the dangerous inmates of the center. One of them, the most dangerous, is Zulema (Najwa Nimri), although the cast also includes Carlos Hipólito, María Salgueiro, Berta Vázquez, Alba Flores and Inma Cuevas.

And you, what Spanish series would you recommend? What are your Netflix favorites?