We show you how to enable fast startup in Windows 10

We show you how to activate the fast boot of Windows 10

Quick Boot is a feature that was introduced with Windows 8, to make computers with a mechanical disk boot much faster. It is a very simple solution to activate, but one that works really well, and will make us have to wait much less to start using our PC. That is why we explain in detail how you can activate fast startup in Windows 10 .

What does the Windows 10 fast boot do and how is it activated

The fast startup of Windows 10 is a technology that was developed by Microsoft with the arrival of Windows 8, to greatly accelerate the startup speed of computers at that time. Windows 8 came at a time when SSDs weren't as popular as they are today, primarily because the prices were prohibitive for most users.

Faced with this situation, the Windows fast startup was postulated as the best alternative when it comes to speeding up the boot process of our PC. It is a system that works in a very similar way to Windows hibernate mode , although it is much less aggressive.

The quick start of Windows 10 is responsible for saving all the most important data that the operating system needs to use during the boot process on the hard disk, thus significantly accelerating the process.

Activating the fast start in Windows 10 is something really simple, since we only need to access the " Control Panel " and make some small adjustments. Therefore, the first step will be to access the control panel through the Windows 10 Start menu.

Once inside the Windows 10 Control Panel, we need to access the " System and Security " section, and then enter the " Power Options " option .

enable Windows 10 fast boot 1

Now we need to use the option "Choose the behavior of the start / stop buttons"

A new window will open in which you need to activate the option " Change settings not currently available " in order to activate the quick start.

enable fast boot Windows 10 2

With this, you will be able to select the option to activate the fast start of Windows 10, then you will only have to click on the save button to apply them.