Logos Quiz, show how much you know about brands in this game for Android

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There is a game that has been sweeping Android lately , as it is one of the most downloaded in recent weeks. We are talking about Logos Quiz, an entertaining question and answer style title , although this time we will have to guess a multitude of commercial brands showing how much we know about this world. Although in principle the thing does not seem very difficult , the game is divided into several levels and although hardly anyone would have trouble recognizing the logo of Coca Cola or Audi at the levels most advanced us will see and want to guess some brands .

Logos Quiz is currently in the testing phase, so to follow the interest of people with an Android smartphone for this game, its creator plans to include several changes and add new features to its gameplay. To play Logos Quiz we will have to use the keyboard of our phone , since to guess the brand and unlike other similar titles , it will not be enough to choose the correct answer from among several options, but we will have to correctly write the name of the brand in question. Then we leave you with the direct link to Google Play where you can downloadfree Logos Quiz for your terminal with Android operating system .

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Logos Quiz currently has 8 levels, each with a higher level of difficulty . At each level there may be 30, 40 or 50 brand logos that we will have to guess by adding a total of more than 250 signatures. At the beginning of the game, only the first level will be unlocked, it will depend on our knowledge of the world whether or not we are able to unlock the following. Only if we achieve a success rate of over 70% can we continue to advance.

In Logos Quiz we will see a long list of logos through which we can move, choosing in order or not, the brand that we want to guess. As soon as we click on a brand we can try to guess it by writing its trade name correctly, the errors will be considered errors, that is, Koka Cola will not be valid even if it is intuited that we know which brand the logo refers to. The images will appear incomplete, that is, we see an image that gives clues about the signature, but it is not shown complete, although knowing the brand will not cost us much to know what it is.

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It should be noted that only a prodigy or someone with an exaggerated knowledge of the commercial world will be able to guess all the brands, so in many cases we will have no choice but to ask someone close to help or pull the internet. The creator of Logos Quiz explains in the description of the game that the marks that have the symbol "&" in their logo must be written in the game with " and ". For example H & M would be written as H and M . It should also be noted that the marks with a hyphen in the name do not need to be written, as are those with an apostrophe . In this way m & m'sit will be written mms . If you want to try your luck with this kind of Trivia of the brands , we leave you with the direct link where you can download Logos Quiz for free .

Free Logos Quiz for Android