Take the Lenovo Watch X smartwatch for only 25 euros

Lenovo Watch X

We have a great offer today, especially if you were thinking of buying a smartwatch in the next few days. You have the Lenovo Watch X smartwatch on Aliexpress at a price of only 25 euros for single strap models, in red, white, blue, green and gray colors. Taking into account that this watch has a regular price of about 40 euros, we can say that it is an opportunity that you should not miss.

What can we find in the Lenovo Watch X?

When this Lenovo Watch X appeared in stores it was a real sales success, selling out in just fifteen seconds. This watch is the successor to the Lenovo Watch 9. It is a striking watch, with a sporty design that reveals its main task, that of keeping us moving and keeping track of our physical activity. It has an OLED screen covered by a sapphire dial, resistant to small scratches from daily use. In addition, it has a 316L stainless steel body resistant to falls and shocks, as well as being totally waterproof.

lenovo watch x aliexpress

Of course, we will have a large number of sensors in the device such as gyroscope, heart rate, gravity sensor and geomagnetic. According to data provided by the brand itself, the battery is one of the strengths of this smartwatch since it will endure a continuous rhythm of 45 days thanks to the included 600 mAh battery. In addition, we can connect with Bluetooth 5.0 to the official application to continuously track steps and daily physical activity.

No, we do not forget the pedometer: the clock will count the steps you take during the day, also warning you of periods of sedentary lifestyle. That is, if you do not get up from the sofa and walk, the clock will take care of reminding you in a timely manner. And yes, we will also have a sleep monitor. Every day, and using the motion and pulse sensors, the watch will send you a report with valuable data about your rest, with figures related to deep sleep or total sleep.

If you order it now through Aliexpress, remember that shipping usually takes approximately one month. A small price that you have to pay to have this Lenovo Watch X with a very low price .