Is your Chrome running slow? How to speed it up

Your Chrome runs slow How to speed it up

The web browser has become the most important application for most of the users. Checking email, visiting social media, and even editing documents online are all tasks performed in the browser. Therefore, a slow browser can ruin the entire experience of using a PC, something we do not want to happen. We explain how you can speed up Chrome if you feel like it has gotten slower lately.

There are several steps we can follow to try to improve the operating speed of the Google Chrome browser.

Update to the latest version of Chrome

Updates are a very important part of every application, and the web browser is no exception. Chrome browser developers are constantly working on new versions, which are released regularly.

Update to the latest version of Chrome

Chrome browser updates add new functions, but the most important thing is that it is responsible for correcting some security problems that were present, and also perform optimizations at the code level to improve the speed of the browser. Therefore updating Chrome should be the first step to follow if you feel that it is running slower than normal.

Chrome updates automatically, so you probably already have the latest available version installed. However there are times when updates may fail , or arrive later than they should.

If you have a pending Chrome update, you will see that it looks like a small yellow arrow in the menu in the form of three dots , which is located in the upper right corner of the browser window. Click on the arrow and you should immediately see the option to update Google Chrome. After the update is complete, you will only have to restart the browser to start using the new version available.

Run a malware scan

Run a malware scan

The malware infection may be another reason why your Chrome browser has become slower for no apparent reason. There are many websites on the internet that will try to infect your computer with viruses, and other forms of malware, so it is very important that you pay attention to this point.

It is true that having a good antivirus software can avoid many problems of this type, but we must be attentive to the type of pages we visit, and the appearance of suspicious elements, which can make us think that we have suffered an infection.

There are many free antimalware tools , we recently published a list of the best antispyware and antivirus applications that you can use to protect your computer.

Run Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool was born as a tool developed by Google to detect potentially unwanted programs that were affecting the normal functioning of the browser. Among this type of unwanted programs we can find some toolbars, and some extensions available for the browser.

While that Google has integrated this tool into the Chrome browser itself , so you can use it without installing anything. To use the tool, you only have to access the three-point family menu in the upper corner of the Chrome browser. Then enter the advanced settings section, at the bottom you should see the option to clean the equipment.

Run Chrome Cleanup Tool 1

Uninstall the extensions you don't need

The amount of extensions available for Chrome is so great that it is very likely that you have ended up accumulating more than you need. Having lots of extensions installed can make your browser run slower than it should. Therefore, uninstalling the extensions that you do not use is a good practice to improve the performance of Chrome.

Uninstall the extensions you don't need

These are the most important steps to speed up Chrome, we hope you find it useful.