Apple customer service: phone, contact and support email


If you are an Apple user, it may be that on some occasion, or perhaps it is happening to you at the moment, you need to contact the company's customer service. In Spain there are several ways to contact Apple. It is possible to automatically call their customer service, through the social networks that the firm has enabled or through a chat. Whichever method you choose, below we compile all the options you have to contact Apple's customer service both in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking countries.

Apple customer service phone number

Given that Apple does not have physical stores (Apple Store) in all countries or cities in the world, it is often necessary to contact the firm by phone through the customer service in our territory. It is a free telephone number where we can expose our problems or doubts so that the company can try to give us an urgent solution.



If you are in Spain or reside in this country, you can contact Apple customer service through the toll-free number 900 812 703 . Anyway, before this we recommend that you enter their official support website, from which you can get information about your specific product, being able to solve your problem without having to call.


You just have to choose the product with which you have the problem, or directly search in the support search bar. If for example the problem is with iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service, from the page they teach you how to configure it, log in, recover your password, or look for different questions. Another possibility is to access the Apple support communities, which you can enter directly on the same page, in the section start a debate.


To do this, enter your Apple ID and password to access a new page where you can create a new discussion. Write your question, choose between a device related to your question and the subject of your question and then publish. A member of the community will reply to you in no time.

Latin America and the caribbean

Apple has only enabled one technical support phone number in Latin America in Brazil and Mexico. The rest of the countries have to establish contact through the website or social networks. If you are from Mexico, the Apple customer service phone number is: 001-866-676-5682. If you live in Brazil you have to call 0800-761-0880.

Other forms of contact

From Apple they recommend that before calling you make sure you have the serial number handy. You can also start a technical support request online and they will put you in touch with an expert. If you look at that page, the Apple products you have appear so that you can directly click on one of them and they will pass you to a specialized technician. Of course, first you will have to answer some questions that will appear to speed up the subject.


Also, if you have a company or are a professional user, you can visit the Apple Store for Business or call 900 812 683. The opening hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 20:00 . The Apple Store for Business provides business and financing services, as well as developer sales or an exchange service.

If you prefer to contact Apple through social networks, you can do so via Twitter at the @AppleSupport account. It is advisable to write a direct message to ask about the problem you have with your devices or equipment. This support page is only in English, so you will have to express your doubts in this language if you want a quick resolution.


Finally, if you have the luck to live in a city with an Apple Store, there is nothing like going for an on-site technician to help you. But first you will have to make an appointment. You can do it over the Internet or by calling the phone number available in your area. Here you can check all the numbers of the different Apple Stores in Spain.

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