Where to find the Fortnite Season X telescopes

Where to find the Fortnite Season X telescopes

Season X of Fortnite got underway in August with new challenges and how to play them. The missions of the new season allow us to obtain stars for the battle pass and experience by collecting different objects that will appear on the map. Well, one of the challenges this week, which starts today, will be to find and dance in three locations where we will find three telescopes . Although it may seem like a fairly simple mission, the Fortnite map is quite large, so we are going to give you a cable so you don't waste too much time looking for the telescopes.

New challenge in Fortnite: find the telescopes

The new mission will not be accessible until today, Thursday at 3:30 p.m., Spanish time. But, luckily, we already know where the three telescopes to be searched will be located . We are going to tell you about it, so when the missions start, you will have it much easier and you can complete the challenge quickly.

The first thing you should do to find the telescopes is to enter any Fortnite Battle Royale game mode. Perhaps the best thing would be to enter Individual or Team Rumble mode, the best to perform challenges of this type.

As for the location of the telescopes, the first one can be found west of Dusty Depot , at the top of a hill. You can also locate a second telescope to the east of Shifty Shafts , on another small mountain. Lastly, the third telescope can be found southwest of Moisty Palms . This one is also placed on a small hill.

where to find the telescopes of Season X of Fortnite map

If you still cannot find them with these indications, on these lines we leave you a map of the Fortnite island to help you locate the three telescopes .

This is one of the easiest challenges in the new Fortnite missions. Once completed you can continue playing a mission or battle, as you want.

Season X of Fortnite arrived with a lot of new features, like a new battle pass, new weapons, and even new locations. Plus, a full list of challenges and missions is released every week, so you're going to be very busy.

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