New Nintendo Switch, how to know if it is the improved version

New Nintendo Switch, how to know if you are buying the improved version

Just a few weeks ago Nintendo announced that it would release a review of the current Nintendo Switch soon. This "new" model, according to the company, only differs from the current one in the capacity of its battery. However, just a few days ago Kevin Kenson, a well-known video game YouTuber, was able to test the new model and found that not only autonomy has changed. As we can see in the video posted by Kenson, the screen of the new model is also slightly better than the current model .

Apparently, the screen of the new model has a higher brightness and a better representation of colors. And not only that, to improve autonomy it seems that the CPU and memory have been optimized . Although untested, these changes could lead to overall higher device performance.

So, if you are thinking of buying the Nintendo Switch, it is worth waiting for the new model to come out. It should hit the market in early September, so we'll be able to see it in stores shortly. However, how do we know that it is the new model and not the current one?

How to know if we are buying the new Nintendo Switch

The design of the console hasn't changed one iota, so we could easily get confused. That is why we wanted to tell you how to recognize if it is a new model or one that has been sold for a couple of years. Don't worry, it's very simple.

how to recognize the new nintendo switch box

The first thing to look at is the box. The new model will arrive with a completely red box , while the current model has a box with a white background. So, if we go to a store or mall to buy it, the easiest thing is to make sure we get one with the red box.

There are also other differences beyond color. In the new box you cannot see the image of the hand placing the Nintendo Switch on the base. Also, one of the Joy-Con is raised and the location of the TV in the background is different.

If we are going to buy the console online or second hand, the best way to check if it is the new model is to look at the serial number. We can find it at the bottom of the console. If the serial number of the console you are going to buy starts with XKW, it is the new model . However, if it is a different one (like XAW for example) it is the current model.

Especially with online purchases we must be careful . Sure, stores still have a lot of stock of the current model, so it will continue to be on sale. Of course, it is likely to have a lower price. Even so, if we want the new one, it is best to ask the seller before placing the order.