How to find the best deals and compare prices on Amazon

How to find the best deals and compare prices on Amazon

Amazon is one of the stores to buy online preferred by users. The reason is obvious. It has an extensive catalog of products of all kinds. In Amazon we can find anything from a coffee maker, a mobile, a computer, to a coat, a desk chair or jewelry. In addition, everything is described so that we know the maximum information about the article. In a simple interface, from which it will be difficult to escape without buying anything.

Now, when it comes to getting in front of the Amazon website, it is important that we be clear about what we are looking for and what we want to spend. As in any large physical store like El Corte Inglés, it is very easy to get lost and end up buying things that we do not need. To help you learn how to spend wisely, including saving, we've put together a list of tips. Follow them to the letter if you want to get more out of Amazon.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

One of the ways to save more on Amazon is to subscribe to Amazon Prime, previously known in Spain as Amazon Premium. It is a service that allows you to receive a large number of orders at home completely free, without having to pay shipping costs. The annual price is only 20 euros, so if you are a regular on the ecommerce website, it is well worth it. Amazon Prime does not force you to have to make a minimum purchase. This means that whether you buy a product for 100 euros or if you do it with one for 2 or 3 euros, you will have it at your home in a few hours without making any extra payment for the order.

Amazon Prime also offers other additional benefits to its users. For example, when the company is going to launch discounts limited by units or time (known as flash offers), Prime users will be able to access half an hour before the start of the discounts to benefit from them before anyone else. They also have access to Prime Photos, an unlimited storage service in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive. Plus, you'll have free access to Amazon Prime Video, the company's streaming content service.

Amazon prime

Not all Amazon products fall under Prime. If you become a member of this platform, you can select to search for all the articles that are available on it. Therefore, look for the one you want in the general search engine and select Prime in the options section . You will find it on the right side of the computer screen. In this way, only products with free shipping will appear.

Compare prices

There is nothing better to save on Amazon purchases than comparing prices. You already know that on Amazon there are many stores and sellers, and that the same product can vary greatly in price depending on where you buy it. As you surely don't want to spend the day searching and searching, don't worry, there are websites that can do it for you. Basically, they make this whole process easier for you, selecting the cheapest option to buy. One of them is Save Money. It is a very intuitive and easy to use page. You just have to bother putting the product you want to find in the integrated search engine and select whether you want it to search all of Amazon or Prime.

Save money

After a few seconds of waiting, all the results will appear. The first is the cheapest. In addition, it compares the price of Spain with that of other countries, such as Germany, France or England. Thus, if it is cheaper elsewhere, you can consider ordering it abroad.

Check in the offers section

Within the Amazon website there is a section of offers in which the offers of the day or flash offers appear. These are discounts that Amazon itself and the different sellers and stores that trade on it are putting up. In this specific section you will only see items on sale for 24 hours. Later they are replaced by others, so if you liked something, don't think about it too much. In some cases the discounts are very interesting.

flash deals

If you do not like to buy in a hurry, within offers there is another section with weekly offers. Right in the description of the article there is a clock that tells you how long it has to stretch. This will give you more time to decide . Keep in mind that if you return a purchased product benefiting from a flash offer, the refund will be equivalent to the price of the product, once the discount has been applied.

Find a refurbished product

Amazon launched Amazon Renewed some time ago in Spain. It is a section within the web, which shows products that have been reconditioned and made ready for sale. They all have a one-year warranty, so in case you have problems with any of them, you can use it . The best thing is that in this section you can find mobiles, tablets, cameras, electrical appliances or consoles at much cheaper prices.

Amazon Renewed

This section of Amazon Renewed is very easy to use. You can look for the product, or go looking through the different categories that there are if you are still not sure what you want to buy.

Stay tuned for key days

In case you still don't know, there are key days in which Amazon throws the house out of the window and puts products at really attractive prices. These are specific days, like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, when it is really worth saving during the year and then saving even more. Just so you keep in mind, Black Friday is celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It is usually November 23 or 24, depending on how the dates are distributed at the end of each year. Cyber ​​Monday is just the following Monday. Last year, Amazon's Cyber ​​Monday had very good offers, even some that did not come to light with Black Friday.