Orb Bluetooth Headset, a Bluetooth ring and headset concept for 2010

orb-bluetooth-headset-1 [one expert]

Bluetooth devices have become an important ally as hands-free kits for mobile phones . We know many and most of them are very similar. That is why proposals like those of Hybra Advance Technology in collaboration Absolutely New are so fresh and original. We are talking about Orb Bluetooth Headset . A concept that, according to Hybra Advance Technology , will materialize in 2010 . It consists of a ring - earphone and microphone compatible with any terminal . An idea that brings a new dimension, aesthetics , to wireless audio transmitters.

The idea is that, when receiving a call, the user feels the Orb Bluetooth Heaset vibrate on their finger . He then unfolds it and places it in his ear, where he transfers sound through bone conduction . That is, it reaches the inner ear after going through the bones of the skull .

It is planned to go on sale in January next year for a price of 90 euros . There will be a version of 125 euros of greater sophistication, with an OLED screen included . It will be waterproof and will be available in four sizes, from smallest to largest . Of course, with such a device, you will have to be careful. Having the index embedded in the nose right when the user is called could lead to a very embarrassing scene .

Via: Xataka