flowkey App, we tested this app to learn to play the piano

Flowkey App, we tested this app to learn to play the piano

If you have a piano or keyboard at home, but no time or desire to go to an academy to learn, now there is a comfortable solution. And we are not referring to the typical course by fascicles with which you can watch endless and boring videos of how to master the technique with one or two hands. We are talking about a tool capable of evaluating you with your own keyboard, wherever you are . This is the flowkey application, we have tested it to tell you what we think.

It is a web application and for Mac computers. That is, to be used on the computer. The good thing is that, being web, it also allows use on other devices such as a Windows computer, an iPad tablet or any device. The only requirement is to have a built-in microphone so that flowkey can detect which notes we play . Well, that and a tuned piano or keyboard.

An interactive course

All you have to do is register on their website to get access to free trial first lessons . Sufficient experience to see how this tool works and how its method is developed.

It is enough to reproduce the video tutorials to know the theoretical part of the lesson. It is possible to start from the absolute beginning, without previous knowledge of piano , or to choose somewhat more advanced songs and classes.

From this moment you just have to reproduce the content. A short and simple lesson that focuses on the practical realm . And, just after seeing how to perform a technique or part of a melody, the application proposes to repeat it in a practical way with our own keyboard or piano. All this marking which note to play and with which finger at each moment. Only if we play the correct note does the score go to the next one . Something that is possible thanks to the recognition of tones through the microphone.

interactive course

A complete method

Once we access with a Premium or paid account, we have access to all available content. This is: complete syllabus with classes on fingering with the right hand, left hand or both. Also to practice scales, learn to read sheet music, or even practice pop music chords. All of this distributed throughout different courses where everything is guided, recorded and spoken . Of course, while the entire platform is in Spanish, the voiceover and videos, as well as the nomenclature of the notes is in English .

However, what conquers the flowkey method is by applying its note recognition technology to a huge selection of songs . More than 1,000. Classic piano titles, but also top hits like Let it go from the movie Frozen, or even soundtracks from award-winning video games like Final Fantasy XV. Duets, Pop hits, Christmas themed songs ”¦ the variety is really great. And all of them have video to know the position of the hands, scores to follow and the recognition of notes to learn to play it at our own pace.

a complete method

Extra features

The interesting thing about the flowkey method is not only all the content it has. But of the techniques to practice with our own piano everything learned. Once we are facing a song that we like, a disc in the central part of the screen allows us to alternate the practice modes. From a slow accompaniment to practice notes and rhythms , to note recognition to learn the whole melody one by one. It is even possible to select complicated but specific sections to practice in a loop . Tools that allow us to adapt the learning experience and have full control over the method and the song. Even practicing with just one hand.


Of course, to have access to this huge collection of scores, videos and tutorials, as well as its technology and tools, it is necessary to have a Premium account. Currently flowkey has different subscription prices with access to all content :


  • 20 euros for a month
  • 3 months for 13 euros per month
  • One year of access for 10 euros per month
  • Permanent access for 300 euros in a single payment