Polk MagniFi Mini, ultra-compact soundbar for home theater

Polk MagniFi Mini, ultra-compact soundbar for home theater

Polk MagniFi Mini Stamp

Do you need to improve the sound of your television but you have very limited space? You should check out the latest from Polk. The new  Polk MagniFi Mini is an ultra-compact sound bar that allows us to enjoy surround sound with a really small device. It features Voice Adjust technology for good volume and is compatible with wireless music streaming.

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Additionally, it comes with a built-in subwoofer that enhances bass reproduction. The Polk MagniFi Mini is compatible with most televisions and very easy to set up . It is already available in Spain with a price of 300 euros. We are going to review in depth everything that this curious sound bar offers us.

Polk MagniFi Mini datasheet

TypeSound bar
Speakers2 x 12mm tweeters and 4 x 57mm (2.25in) woofers
Maximum power150 watts
Surround technologyDolby Digital
Rear speakersNot
ConnectionsHDMI (ARC), Optical, 3.5mm Analog Mini-Jack (AUX.)
4K pass-throughYes
Wireless connectivityDual-band 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth
Wireless subwooferYes
Remote controlYes
OthersGoogle Cast
DimensionsSoundbar: 34.04 x 8.13 x 10.92 cm (W x H x D)

Subwoofer: 18.8 x 36.58 x 36.58 (W x H x D)

WeightSoundbar: 1.76 kg

Subwoofer: 3.68 kg

Release dateAvailable
Price300 euros

Ultra compact design

Most sound systems designed to accompany the television take up a lot of space. Especially if we are looking for quality sound. Even most high-end soundbars tend to be quite large.

Thorough Polk MagniFi Mini Design

That is why users who want to improve the sound of their television but do not have much space have it difficult. At least, that's how it was until now. The new Polk MagniFi Mini is an ultra-compact sound bar. It measures only 34 centimeters wide, with a height of 8.13 centimeters and a depth of 10.92 centimeters . Its weight is only 1.76 kilograms.

The front features a striking edgeless perforated metallic finish . In the central area we have a silver edging that defines the speaker system. It is in the upper area where we find the few control buttons that the bar has. We have the power button, the Bluetooth button, the volume buttons and a button to activate the Night Mode.

Accompanying the bar is a beautifully designed wireless subwoofer. It is totally black and has a fairly thin enclosure with rounded lines. Its dimensions are 36.58 centimeters high, 18.8 centimeters wide and 36.58 centimeters deep .

Surround sound

Despite its small size, the Polk MagniFi Mini is a soundbar capable of filling a room. It contains two 0.5-inch tweeters and four 57 mm (2.25-inch) woofers for high and mid frequencies.

This speaker system is accompanied by a 6.5-inch wireless speaker subwoofer . This is responsible for reproducing deep bass, thus creating a more complete home theater and music listening experience.

Thoroughly Polk MagniFi Mini Speakers

The Polk MagniFi Mini soundbar features Dolby Digital decoding . In addition, it is equipped with Polk's Voice Adjust technology . This allows you to customize the voice levels on the soundbar to reproduce clear and crisp dialogue. It's ideal for movies, TV shows, or sporting events where dialogue is key.

We have several preset equalizer settings that we can set with a single button. It has movies, music and sports mode (great for news and talk shows too). Each of the modes optimizes the soundbar and subwoofer to ensure the best dialogue quality, better surround sound and deep bass. This improves the home theater and sound experience.

In addition, the Polk MagniFi Mini has a special mode called " Night Mode ". This can be activated with a button placed at the top of the bar. Turning it on automatically reduces bass and increases voice setting to reproduce clear dialogue without raising the overall volume.

Good wired and wireless connectivity

Thorough Polk MagniFi Mini Connectivity

The Polk MagniFi Mini is not a sound bar designed to function as a receiver for all the devices we have at home. It is a sound bar designed to accompany the television in a simple and discreet way.

Despite its small size, it has an HDMI connector with ARC function . It is also equipped with a digital optical input , in case our television is not compatible with the audio return system. We even have a 3.5 mm analog Mini-Jack , to which we can connect almost any type of music player.

A USB port and an Ethernet port complete the set of physical connections . Because yes, the Polk MagniFi Mini also has network audio playback. And it will not be necessary to have a cable connected, because it is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and even integrated Google Cast .

Thorough Polk MagniFi Mini Wireless Connectivity

Thanks to this magnificent wireless connectivity we can send you music directly from our smartphone, tablet or computer.

Price and availability

In short, this is an ideal soundbar for small spaces . Completely perfectly with powerful sound and complete our flat screen TV. In addition, thanks to its compact size, we can place it practically anywhere.

It is capable of working with Dolby Digital sound and is compatible with network audio playback thanks to its wireless connectivity. And if this weren't enough, it comes with a sleek subwoofer for deep bass.

Thoroughly Polk MagniFi Mini Price

The Polk MagniFi Mini sound bar has an official price of 400 euros, but it was launched on the Spanish market with a special offer with which we could get it for 300 euros . Theoretically, this offer ended at the end of June, but we have checked in several online stores specialized in audio and it is still at that price.

Polk MagniFi Mini