Samsung F7000 LED Smart TV, in-depth analysis


Samsung has shown its new range of televisions for this 2013. The F7000 LED Smart TV range includes four models between 40 and 60 inches with Internet connection . This F7000 range is not the most sophisticated of the Korean brand, but they are undoubtedly a high-end . The Full HD resolution and the 3D system with active glasses are some of the most noted values.

But perhaps the most important of these TVs is Samsung's smart TV platform : Samsung Smart TV. With this system, the television stops being a passive instrument, to become an active entertainment system. The Internet connection via WiFi is what changes everything.

The UE40F7000SL model  (1,300 euros) is the smallest in the range, which is growing with the UE46F7000SL (1,700 euros) , of 46 inches and the  UE55F7000SL (2,400 euros) , of 55, until reaching the UE60F7000SL , the largest, which reaches 60 inches diagonally.

Below, we thoroughly analyze all the features of this range of Samsung F7000 LED Smart TVs.


The first thing that stands out in the design of this range is the frame. All models have a really thin frame, almost imperceptible. The base is simple and rectangular. Overall, the models convey a feeling of cleanliness and lightness.

But perhaps the most surprising thing is the thickness of the screen. This field has been improving a lot in recent times, but even so it is striking to find that these models are only three centimeters thick. The data draws even more attention when we look at the larger teams, such as the UE60F7000SL model , with a 60-inch diagonal.


The first thing to note about image quality is resolution. The entire F7000 range  has Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). Today there are few examples of screens with a higher resolution on the market, but they are very little useful. And it is that not only do they have a prohibitive price, but there is still no content in this format, so its capabilities cannot be used.


The image refresh rate reaches 240 Hz. It is a fairly high value, which guarantees that you will not have fluidity problems when the images move very quickly. On televisions with lower values, fast sequences such as chases or action scenes may be slowed down.

The entire range also has the option to reproduce 3D images. Samsung has chosen a model of active glasses , which improve the quality of the image with respect to the passive ones, with the disadvantage that the batteries must be recharged. Each model includes two glasses.

Another important point in this range is the Micro Dimming system  . With this technology, the Korean brand manages to increase the difference between the darkest and lightest parts of the image. In this way, by increasing the contrast, the image becomes sharper.


The Samsung F7000 LED Smart TV range has two speakers, with a total output power of 20 W. The main audio improvements come from the different systems, which provide the necessary sound depending on the type of content we are watching. Modes such as  Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, DTS Studio Sound, and DTS Premium Audio 5.1. offer different types of surround sound.


However, we must always take into account the dimensions of the room in which we want to place the TV. If it is a relatively large space we may have to support these speakers with a 5.1 sound system , to create a more favorable environment.

Smart tv

Samsung's smart TV is one of the most experienced platforms. This range is equipped with the latest version of the platform:  Smart Hub 2013. Thanks to it, we can access content such as streaming movies or multimedia content.

On the other hand, the power of its components and the Internet connection allow us to use these TVs as a computer with a giant screen. There are no problems surfing the net, downloading applications or playing with specially created titles.


Another novelty in this range is the voice and gesture control system . We will only be able to enjoy the first one if we speak any of the supported languages: English, French or German. However, gesture control is more interesting.

It's called Smart Interaction. Thanks to a small camera located in the upper part of the frame, we can move through the different menus without the need for the remote control. It also includes a facial recognition system to detect which user is using the TV and load their preferences.


Connectivity is a fundamental point in today's televisions. And the thing is that TV no longer only serves to show traditional television channels, but it also reproduces much more content than we choose.

The most important connection is the one that connects the TV to the Internet . For this, the entire range has a WiFi connection with which we can access our routers as if it were a computer or tablet. It is what makes the entire smart television platform work.

At the level of physical connections, the F7000 range looks first at the HDMI ports. And it is that these inputs have become one of the most popular formats in recent years, since they allow transferring high definition video and audio in a single cable. They are used by computers, tablets, game consoles and even mobile phones, that is why all the TVs in this range have four ports of this type . In addition, we find three USB ports , as well as component inputs , 3.5 mm audio (minijack) or an Ethernet port among others.


The Samsung F7000 LED Smart TV range is not the highest of those offered by the Korean brand, but it could be. And it is that the benefits offered by these models, as well as their design are frankly good. The technical features of the range are similar, but the models end up being very different due to the great differences in size between them. And it is that although it may seem that between 40 and 60 inches there is not a great jump, in reality we are talking about doubling the total surface of the screen.

Data sheet

PanelLCD with LED backlight and micro dimming
Screen Diagonals40 inch

46 inches

55 inch

60 inch

ResolutionFull HD (1080p)
3DActive 3D

2D to 3D converter

Soda240 Hz
SoundDolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pulse

DTS Studio Sound

DTS Premium Audio 5.1

Total output power: 20W

Other benefitsSmart tv

Smart Interaction

Smart Evolution

Connectivity4 HDMI inputs


Component Video / A / V

Optical digital audio output

Headphone out

3 USB 2.0



Common interface (CI) slot

Target priceUE40F7000SL 1,300 euros

UE46F7000SL 1,700 euros

UE55F7000SL 2,400 euros


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