How to transfer your WhatsApp from an Android mobile to an iPhone

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The feeling of brand new mobile is something that is not forgotten. We open the box, take out our shiny terminal and turn it on for the first time to see how quickly it works. However, there is a long task ahead. And is that today we store a large amount of information on the smartphone, so changing from one device to another can be somewhat tedious. If we change to a new terminal with the same operating system as the old one, this operation is very simple, but what happens if we change from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa? Things get complicated. We have already seen how to transfer our photos from an Android to an iPhone . Also how to transfer our contacts from an Android to an iPhone. Finally, we are going to see how to transfer another of the most important data that we carry on our mobile, our WhatsApp conversations .

There are users who do not mind losing WhatsApp chats , but surely there are many others who will not be happy to lose the conversations they had on their old mobile. The WhatsApp application uses the cloud to store conversations, but the problem is that, depending on the operating system we use, they will be saved in one cloud or another. Android terminals can save conversations in Google Drive and iPhones save them in iCloud . What happens if we change from an Android terminal to an iPhone? That we will lose the conversations . At least that's what the official WhatsApp help says. However, we have found a way to transfer WhatsApp conversations between an Android terminal and an iPhone . For this we will have to use a computer and the Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer program .

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The program is available for PC and Mac, and we can try the free version, which allows transferring a limited number of chats. Once the program is installed on the computer, we will connect the two mobile devices to the computer through the USB cable . In order for the program to recognize the Android device , we must activate the "USB debugging" mode . It is usually activated by pressing 7 times on the "Build Number" , located in Settings - About phone.

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When we activate it, a message will appear in the computer application indicating that it is installing the application on the terminal . We will have to accept and, after a few seconds, it will be installed on our Android terminal. Once installed, it will ask us to accept in the terminal that a backup copy of the data is made on the computer .

Once the copy, we appear in the application WhatsApp Transfer chat history of WhatsApp we have in our device Android .

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Once we have arrived here, the rest of the steps will be very simple. If we have the two devices connected by USB to the computer, we can copy WhatsApp conversations directly from the Android device to the iPhone . To do this, we will select the Android device on the left side of the screen (in this way all the WhatsApp conversations on the device are selected) and then we will press the “Transfer messages from Android to iPhone” icon . Once the process is finished, all the chats that we had on our Android device will be available on the iPhone. If we only want to copy some chats and not all, we only have to select the name of the contact or the group and click on the same transfer button.

Although it may seem complex, it is a fairly simple process. We may have a problem with WhatsApp Transfer recognizing our Android device at first, but simply putting it in “USB debugging” mode should work perfectly.