How to change user and add people in Google Chrome

Google Chrome add people

You have probably already seen in your Chrome browser a small box at the top with the name of your user, just to the left of the buttons to minimize and close the browser. It is a tool that makes using Chrome on a shared computer much easier . Thanks to it, we can change users in just a couple of clicks or create a separate session so that guests can browse without seeing our personal data. We will tell you in a few steps how to configure this Chrome tool and how to add new people to this computer.

If you have updated your Google Chrome browser , you should see in the upper strip a small box in a different color with your username (by the way, Google would do well to make it look more attractive in the next update). If not, you have to manually install the latest version. Click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes in the upper right and then "Google Chrome Information". The program will open a window from which you can start downloading the latest Chrome. To start using the browser's users tool, you have to click on the box with your name. Then a small window opens with your user icon and your nickname. If you want to change the icon, you must click on the photo and then choose between the available icons. To change the nickname or name that appears on the screen, just press on it and then write the desired one.

Google Chrome

But let's get down to business. The next two options are "Switch person" and "Browse incognito". In this second case, a separate window opens in which there will be no trace of our browsing, but fast access to the addresses we have regularly visited and the passwords saved in the browser is maintained. It is the same way that we have been able to enjoy for a long time in the browser. It is when we click on "Add person" that we enter the heart of this new Chrome tool. The new window shows several boxes with our user and the option to open a guest window. This same option can be accessed through "Browse as a guest"from the bottom. By the way, the design of these boxes and the window is very reminiscent of Windows 8.

To create new users in Chrome you have to click on "Add person". We will see how a new window opens to log into Google or create a new account. It is advisable to have one of these accounts to be able to enjoy the synchronized data on any device in which we log in. But if we want to stay out of Google we can also press on "No, thanks."In this case the data will only be saved locally on the PC we are using. Once the new person is created, we will see it available in a new box in the previous window. If we want to eliminate any of the users, we have to move the mouse over the box and click on the arrow that appears in the upper right part. Afterwards, we click on "Delete this person" and then we confirm the order. By the way, in our case we have had problems when removing users from here (despite carrying out this process, the user remained). To eliminate it in the traditional way, you have to click on the button with three horizontal bars in Chrome, then "Settings" and in the "Other users" box. we eliminate those that we will no longer use.

In short, it is a simple and intuitive tool that can give us a lot of play if we are sharing the computer with other people in the house or if a guest comes (and we do not want them to see our browsing history or our passwords). When we enter a user's box, a new window opens, so that we can have several users with the account open at the same time (in different Chrome windows).