How to download all your photos from Tuenti before losing them forever

How to download all your photos from Tuenti before losing them forever

For many users, today is the end of an era. Tomorrow, September 1, the Tuenti social network will be completely extinct (I had already been living with assisted respiration for several years), and with it, all the photos that we once uploaded with pride. Tuenti dies, as did Fotolog or Myspace, a first generation of modern social networks.

Today, there are still up to six million images stored in Tuenti, belonging to the 15 million users that this network had , including users in Spain and Latin America. In a few hours, all that information will disappear.

We are going to tell you how to recover those photos. First, you must download the Tuenti app for iOS or Android. Then, start your session with your Tuenti username and password (Remember that you have the option of being sent a new password if you have already forgotten due to lack of use).

Once inside, you must enter My Profile, and look for the "Photos" section. Upon entering, you will see an image with a text referring to the end of the social network. By clicking on this image, you will be asked for an email . Write it down, and then the system will automatically resend you a ZIP file with the total of your photos. Now you have the task of selecting which photos are worthwhile and which are not, but without a deadline.

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Also conversations

It also recalls that during the day still can check the conversations you had in Tuenti , but yes, you will have the possibility to export them . At most, take screenshots of one that has had some special sentimental value.

Tuenti lived through a time of glory during the years when Facebook still had no infrastructure in Spain, and that is why there are thousands of people who will have deep - rooted memories of certain times (adolescents and university students were the majority age margin). Therefore, if you want to keep the photos of those days in your memory, follow our advice and take advantage of your last day.

Apart from this, remember that Tuenti as a mobile operator is still offering its summer promotion, in which it triples its data rates for three months .