The video of the greatest child prodigy fail in history

Bader Canahuati processor

What were you doing at 14? It may be that you were already one of those who fiddled with computers or if you are from the 80s, you probably spent the afternoons in the street until they called you to dinner usually yelling at you through the window. To this day, in Honduras, they have made a report for which they call a fourteen-year-old boy a 'genius' who has simply replaced the hard drive of his 500-gigabyte computer with one of 1 tera. A story that shows the lack of journalistic rigor that exists in some media.

The protagonist of this surreal news is Bader Canahuati , a young man from Honduras who was interviewed by a television station in his country, emphasizing his great love of computers . To the point that they sell it as if it were a child prodigy. At no time do we blame the teenager for this news, although to better understand the story, the ideal is to see this video that lasts just over a minute and in which everything is clear:


The first seconds of video already show us that we are facing something that promises. The voiceover says the following: “He is only 14 years old, but Bader Canahuati is already a prodigy in computing . The young man created a central processing unit, called a CPU, which is different from the others. Bader reported that his computer's hard drive is 1000 gigabytes, when a normal computer is 500 ″.

If we listen to this, it seems that we are before the new Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. As the journalists explain, it gives the impression that what this young man has done has been to create with his own hands, out of nothing, a brand new computer with a hard disk that many already have at home, a tera.

Computer prodigy child

In the part recorded Bader explains that he likes "computers and technology." This is how he began to read on the Internet " about processors, which is the part that processes everything . " As a definition you need to work on it a little more, but nothing is wrong. As for what they said in the report, it is true that he has created a computer, although the correct thing is to say that what he did was to mount it . “I was going to show my dad the pieces, he didn't understand anything, but he let me buy everything. That's how I started putting it together ”.

In fact, in the videos you can see how Bader is with a screwdriver in his hand, pretending to install a hard disk. “ This hard drive is 1000 gigabytes. The normal thing, in a hard disk, is 500 gigs. Also the processor. So I have more performance for programs, such as Photoshop and rendering. Heavy things". Same as before, the description could be a bit better as they are confusing terms. Like storage capacity, processor speed, memory, etc. But come on, as we said at the beginning, in no case is it Bader's fault, rather than the one who has defined him as a “child prodigy” for the simple fact that he has set up a computer .

How could it be otherwise, his video on television in Honduras has led to many youtubers from the same country criticizing him but focusing especially on the explanation of the beginning. For example: