9 games that you must have yes or yes on your Huawei mobile

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The video game industry for mobile phones and tablets has undergone a qualitative improvement in the last 5 years. Today there are titles comparable even to those of video consoles, both in the graphic section and in the gameplay section. To this must be added the different solutions that telephone manufacturers propose to improve the performance of games, such as Huawei's GPU Turbo . If you have a mobile from the Chinese firm and you don't know what to play during this quarantine, we invite you to take a look at our list of games, games that any gamer  should have on their smartphone.

Monument valley 2

The game that was awarded in 2017 by the Game Award as the best game for smartphones. This graphic adventure is born from the story of a mother and a daughter who coexist in a world formed by magical architectures where they will discover paths based on puzzles, puzzles that we will have to solve to discover all the ins and outs of the world of Sacred Geometry. In the words of some media, "it is the most beautiful game we can install on our mobile phone.

Although its price is 5.50 euros, today we can download Monument Valley 2 completely free of charge due to the quarantine.

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Need for Speed ​​No Limits: The Races

Tired of the Asphalt 9? This title of the mythical Need for Speed ​​saga comes as one of the best racing games that we can find for our Huawei mobile. It has car models from brands such as Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani and Hennessey , as well as more than 2 and a half million possible combinations to customize the vehicles to our liking.

It has a multiplayer mode, as well as a Story mode in which we will have to get hold of all the cars available in the game.

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Gangstar: New Orleans

If you are a staunch fan of the Grand Theft Auto saga you cannot miss the Gangstar saga. The latest title released by the Gameloft studio comes to us through the streets of New Orleans through an open world where we can roam at ease with our character .

Beyond the freedom that the sandbox provides us, the objective of the game is to conquer the neighborhoods of the city to gain control of all the gangs. In addition to having a hundred customizable weapons and vehicles , the game allows us to buy houses to customize them to our liking.

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Plague Inc.

Plage Inc. cannot be absent from this quarantine. The game developed by the Miniclip studio takes us to a laboratory in which we will have to  create a lethal virus to end humanity . In fact, the objective of the game is precisely to kill all humans through different varieties of the virus.

Cannibal viruses, zombie viruses and up to 12 types of different varieties that we will have to spread throughout the more than 50 countries that Plague Inc. has available.

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The one that is the best copy of the Age of Empires that we can find for our Huawei mobile is one of the most downloaded strategy games on Android , with more than 10 million downloads behind it.

Like the original title developed by Ensemble Studios, Dominations takes us to the beginning of time to create a civilization that we will have to develop with the passage of time and the different periods of history, such as the Middle Ages or the Contemporary Age. It also has a Multiplayer mode in which we will have to fight with 50 other players and their civilizations.

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Mobile Legends

The best copy of League of Legends that we can find on Android while waiting for the title developed by Riot Games. It has more than 100 million downloads, probably due to its enormous resemblance to the aforementioned strategy title.

This MOBA that we can find on different platforms has a 5 to 5 combat mode where we will have to fight with another team in a 10-minute game . Like the mythical title, we can acquire the different heroes that the game presents us, heroes with unique abilities that we will have to improve little by little over the course of the game and the levels.

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Another game that is postulated as one of the best alternatives to League of Legends for Android. The title developed by Super Evil imitates the original mechanics of the mythical MOBA game with 5 and 10 minute games in which we will have to face off against 5 other players in two groups of heroes.

Vainglory has a total of 48 heroes with different abilities and positions. It is also one of the few games that supports 90 and 120 Hz displays . Ideal for mobiles like the Huawei P40 Pro or the P40 Pro +.

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March of Empires

Another title that replicates not only the name, but the original mechanics of the mythical Age of Empires.

This MMO strategy game drinks from the fight between civilizations in an online mode in which we will have to develop ourselves to obtain different rewards and make our army stronger. The difference of March of Empires with respect to other titles with a similar theme is that obtaining raw materials (gold, natural resources ...) is much easier and requires less time , something that is not always seen in games of the style.

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Considered by many the Grand Theft Auto V online for Android and iOS. This game mixes sandbox mechanics with graphics more typical of Minecraft than of a game developed by Rockstar, the company that owns the GTA saga.

Part of its success is due to the multiplayer mode it has, with dozens of players who can roam freely throughout the virtual map. Car races, organized killings ... It also has a chat where we can communicate with the rest of the players in the room.

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