Tablet bq Newton, in-depth review, photos, videos and opinions

bq newton 6

bq is a company specialized in the creation and sale of portable devices such as e- book readers or tablet computers . This team belongs to the second category. The Newton is one of the latest creations of the house, a tablet with a nine-inch screen , multi-touch type , which has four simultaneous detection points , which allows complex gestures such as enlarging or reducing texts, or increasing and decreasing the size of the photographs. The screen responds fast and well, but it is also a color LCD screen with very good video playback capabilities..

This will be very well received by users who want to use this machine not only in their tasks as a student or at work , but also when enjoying leisure . It is a device that can play electronic books, music, movies and various video games created for the operating system Android. It has Wi-Fi compatibility , which makes it easy for you to access local networks, and a USB port that hides many surprises. It looks and sounds good and is nice and sturdy. All for 220 euros . Perfect all year round, but even better as a Christmas gift .

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