Benjamin Bennet, the youtuber who sits and smiles for hours

benjamin bennett

We could make a list of the most disturbing videos on all of YouTube, strange and bizarre content that leaves us with a feeling of discomfort and discomfort even though, deep down, we know that nothing paranormal, fantastic or negligent has happened. The inventiveness of the human being is amazing: she can use it to invent the wheel or to disconcert her peers with audiovisual pieces, performances that invite reflection or, simply, appeal to the most primal feelings.

Sitting and smiling for 240 minutes

Benjamin Bennett's case is undoubtedly one of the weirdest, most disturbing, and chilling on all of YouTube. This content creator with more than 166,000 subscribers always makes the same video. They are usually live broadcasts that last, more or less, the same: 4 hours. 240 minutes in which we can see Benjamin Bennett sitting on the floor, smiling. Point. There is no more, he does not interact with the viewer, he just sits, smiling and looking at the camera.

The only time we see him do something different is at the beginning and end of the videos, when he turns the camera on, takes the position, and turns it off to end the live broadcast. Other than that, static and immobile. What is the purpose of Benjamin Bennett? Nobody knows.

The channel was created on December 28, 2013 and if it were a Spanish channel, we would already be saying that it is, no doubt, a joke that has gone on too long. But no: in Anglo-Saxon culture, it is April 1, the day of the Holy Innocents or April Fool's Day. This is not to say that Bennett is serious about all this: his delivery seems to convey the opposite, that it is something done very carefully. It even has its own website, although little information about Bennett is going to be released. It's simply your videos embedded in a vertical list. There are no sections or owner information, nothing. But the most disturbing thing comes now.

Benjamin Bennett's strangest moments

In his 52nd video, Benjamin Bennett couldn't take it anymore and urinates live . Was it necessary to sit and smile while you peed yourself? The 'performer' thought it appropriate. The moment is quite disturbing as Bennett remained in that position, stained, for more than an hour and a half.

In video number 5, someone unknown enters Benjamin's house , goes upstairs, opens the door and says' hello? after which he retraces his steps. Benjamin states that he did not know that voice, that they were not expecting anyone and his roommate was working. I do not know what seems more terrifying, that someone enters your house and you do not flinch or that such a character has a roommate.

Well, see the moment in the following video:

But the most disturbing moment of all is the one that Benjamin Bennett starred in in his video number 238. At one point, his eternal smile begins to twist until it ends in tears . You can see this moment below.

Art or madness?

In an interview offered to the Vice media more than three years ago, the peculiar youtuber declared that there was no hidden intention behind these videos. Many art experts include their practice in an artistic genre called 'Durational Art' and it has more to do with the physical resistance of the artist than with an idea behind the act itself. He considers himself a performance artist but, without a doubt, people love to let their imaginations fly. Many think that he may be being forced to do it or that he suffers from some mental disorder. Draw your own conclusions about it.