iPhone 8, features, price and opinions

iPhone 8, feature, price and opinions

Ten years have passed since the late Steve Jobs presented a revolutionary new mobile concept. Something that you have remembered today in the new theater that bears the name of the founder of Apple. However, the new iPhone 8 does not come to revolutionize , but as an update of what was seen in the iPhone 7. A mobile whose 4.7-inch screen has improvements to adapt the color to the user's environment. Which is finally charging wirelessly. And that now has a brighter camera. But is it worth the jump? Here we show you all the data of the iPhone 8 after its presentation.

Glass and aluminum design

Apple re-creates a brilliant product. And we mean it literally. IPhone 8 is finished in tough glass that gives it shape and style . It's very shiny and, we assume, very dirty for users with greasy fingers. However, it is true that it captures the attention of the viewer. All this without edges, and with rounded edges that are not far from what is seen in the iPhone 7. By the way, the side is made of aluminum, highlighting the entire band around the device. And it comes in three different colors: a new space gray, a new silver hue, and a new gold finish.

If we look at their measurements, we find little variation as well. It is an ergonomic terminal of 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm that has a weight of 158 grams. It is certainly not the thinnest or lightest on the market. But neither is it Apple's claim. Another point that has not been innovated is in protection. And it is that the iPhone 8 maintains the IP67 certification , which makes it resistant to dust and splashes of water. So forget about soaking it or keeping it too long in the shower.

glass and aluminum design

iPhone 8

screen4.7, Retina HD 1,334 x 750 pixels (326dpi) IPS technology
Main chamber12 megapixels, f / 1.8, 4K video, optical image stabilization
Camera for selfies7 megapixels, f / 2.2, Full HD video
Internal memory64GB / 256GB
Processor and RAMA11 64 bit
BatteryNo capacity data / between 12 and 14 hours of use / Qi fast charge (50% in 30 min) / Wireless charging
Operating systemiOS 11
ConnectionsLightning connector, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor
DesignMetal and glass, IP67 certified, fingerprint reader
Dimensions138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm (158 grams)
Featured FeaturesTrue tone, fingerprint reader, wireless charging
Release dateSeptember 22
Pricefrom 800 euros

Full color display

Apple claims to have innovated on the screen of its iPhone 8. Of course, it continues to please users who do not want an extremely large mobile thanks to its 4.7-inch panel. It is IPS type, and has Retina HD resolution. Which translated into numbers that can compare is at  1,334 x 750 pixels . That is, 326 pixels per inch. But what is really interesting is the rest of the technologies that this edition of the Apple phone includes. Namely: it has a True Tone or real tone screen, which adjusts the white balance according to the situation and the environment in which the user is. Something that improves image quality or its representation in any scene. Y is capable of representing the color spectrum DCI-P3, so it reaches more varieties of tone of all colors.

Of course, it is an IPS panel, and it has a wide viewing angle. And a brightness of 625 nits. In addition, Apple has thought about fingerprints and the coating says it repels grease. And they have not forgotten the 3D Touch , so the intense keystrokes continue to offer added functions in certain applications and features of the terminal. In short, a retina screen like the iPhone 7, but with a little more color.

full color screen

Brighter camera

Another aspect that stands out of the iPhone 8 is its renewed camera. A small evolution with respect to the iPhone 7 that can leave those who expected to see the portrait mode or the dual camera system of the iPhone 7 Plus cold on this terminal. It has only a single sensor on the back of 12 megapixels . The novelty lies in its aperture of f / 1.8, which, and for now on paper, ensures more detail and quality in photos with worse lighting conditions. Apart from this, the lens comes with an optical image stabilizer to avoid photos and videos with movement. Objective that, by the way, is composed of six lenses and has a sapphire crystal coating. Nothing new.

This camera comes with all kinds of additions to improve the photographs. From HDR shooting modes, to infrared filter, noise reduction or quad LED flash . Elements that ensure capturing the best scene regardless of the environment or conditions. And respecting the skin tone or solving the capture with new filters.

brighter camera

Regarding video, the iPhone 8 is not far behind, although it does not take any step forward. Your camera is capable of capturing 4K quality video at a rate of 60 frames per second . It also has slow motion mode at a speed of 240 frames per second, and reducing the resolution to Full HD.

If tend to the camera for selfies, this phone integrates a 7 megapixel sensor . Its aperture is f / 2.2, which is not surprising when compared to the aperture of other current phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, which reaches f / 1.8. But it promises good results thanks to the flash of the retina screen, the aforementioned filters, or its ability to portray scenes in HDR. This sensor can take advantage of face and body detection. By the way, this camera records videos at Full HD resolution or 1080 pixels.

Power and intelligence

Apple knows how to get muscle by introducing new mobiles. And it is that they usually come accompanied by processors that improve the performance of the previous ones. Always with percentages and performance tests of his own crop, of course. On this occasion, the iPhone 8 lands with the A11 Bionic processor . A quad-core chip that they claim is 70 percent faster than the A10 Fusion chip. It is accompanied by two performance cores to support the most arduous tasks that exceed the effectiveness of the previous chip by 20 percent. In other words, a processor that can handle everything.

And the same goes for the graphics processor. Its GPU is up to 30 percent faster than the one that came with the company's previous chip. And in their presentation they have shown it with games with 3D elements of their own creation. In addition to showing exclusive multiplayer games. An eye-catching move. It is also clear that Apple is committed to raw power in data and graphics processing with its augmented reality demos . And this technology is here to stay in the iPhone 8. And also in its older brother, the iPhone 8 Plus.


It must be said that all this power is controlled by the iOS operating system in version 11. The most updated and complete version to date. This means having security barriers, new functions and, as shown, animated emoticons and all the advances of augmented reality. Big changes? Not quite, but a nice handheld advance from a capable processor.

Wireless charging

It seems that Apple wants to ditch the cables. He did it with the headphone with his AirPods and now he does it with the charger. And is that the iPhone 8 finally has wireless charging . Of course, from the special AirPower pad, which will be released in 2018 with no known price yet. The glass housing of this model allows the use of this technology. In addition, Apple wants to take it to hotels, restaurants and other places to make it compatible. Something that will not be very difficult because it is based on the Qi fast charging technology that has already spread in most manufacturers.

Regarding autonomy, the iPhone 8 does not promise improvements over the iPhone 7. Between 12 and 14 hours of autonomy of use in conversation, video playback or browsing the Internet. Again, one more sample that this is not a revolutionary terminal. As a plus, it must be said that it has a fast charge capable of completing half the battery in 30 minutes.

wireless charging

Price and reviews

The iPhone 8 will go on sale from next September 22 in two models. One with 64 GB of storage capacity, and another with 256 GB. Its price ranges from 800 euros in the case of the 64 GB model, to 1,000 euros in the 256 GB one . It comes in three colors: gold, silver, and gray.

Without a doubt, iPhone has begun to diversify its mobiles for different markets and users. There is no doubt about the presentation of a model that hardly innovates compared to last year. Why not introduce the double camera already in the basic model? Why not have made the screen more "infinite" or reduced the edges? An opportunity lost on a date, at least, commemorative. Of course, the focus has been on the iPhone X. This will be the future. Meanwhile, regular iPhone users will have to think very well whether, this time, they are interested in making the leap to iPhone 8 or, failing that, saving and moving on to the true innovation of this keynote: the iPhone X.