Guide to Play VLC Media Player on Your Chromecast Device

Guide to Play VLC Media Player on Your Chromecast Device

If you thought that VLC Media Player was not compatible with Chromecast, we have good news for you. Since version 3.0 of this famous multiplatform player it is possible to play your favorite videos on the Chromecast dongle easily and comfortably.

The truth is that, for a long time, VLC users had been waiting for years for a feature that would allow its compatibility with Chromecast. Finally, their prayers were heard and it is now possible to make it work both from your mobile device  and with the PC version . Two very easy ways that here we will tell you in great detail.

From our mobile

We start with the method that we are going to use the most . In fact, if we are used to watching content from platforms such as Netflix or HBO from our mobile phone through Chromecast, you will see that the process of sending video files to Chromecast from the VLC mobile application is quite similar.

  • The first thing to do is connect to your Chromecast. To do this, open VLC Media Player on your mobile and press the broadcast button (you know, the screen with some waves), located in the upper bar of the application . Of course, check that you are connected to your home WiFi network.

VLC Media Player

  • After this first step, a pop-up window will appear with a list of all the names of the Chromecast devices that are close to your location. If all goes well, your device should be in this list with the name you have assigned it, so simply click on it to proceed to the connection with VLC Media Player .
  • As soon as VLC Media Player is connected to a Chromecast device, the icon of the device you selected should light up. At this time, nothing will be shown on your TV yet, as you have not yet sent any content. Therefore, you have to choose a video or music that you have on your mobile for  VLC Media Player to show it on Chromecast .

VLC Media Player2

  • Next, the screen of your mobile phone will show an icon combined with the VLC Media Player logo and the Chromecast symbol , while a bar will appear on your TV that will load little by little for a few seconds until the start playback of selected content (audio, video).
  • To switch to another video, just press the back button on the mobile to go back to the file folder and choose any other video.

From our computer

While it is fairly easy to cast content from the Android version of VLC to Chromecast, it is not so easy on the desktop version . At least not so intuitive. But that's what we are here for:

  • First of all, open VLC Media Player and enter the "Playback" tab. When we are inside, select the option "Processor" and then you will see that the default configuration appears as "Local", that is, to reproduce the content within the computer itself. If we press this option, a kind of drop-down menu will appear with a list and the name of your Chromecast in it. Of course, you will have to select it to sync VLC Media Player with your Chromecast .
  • Next, you will see the VLC Media Player logo, although nothing will be shown on the TV until we click the play button to start enjoying your videos through Chromecast.
  • As a last point, even if nothing is shown in the VLC window on the PC, you can  control the playback from this window by pausing, resuming or scrolling the search bar.