Tricks to view and download Instagram Stories anonymously

Anonymous Instagram Stories

When you see the story of a user from your Instagram, you are leaving a trace, and the person who published the Story may know perfectly well that you have seen it. If you prefer to go unnoticed, you need to know that viewing the Instagram Stories that you fancy anonymously is possible , and we are going to show you how through a few simple tricks. In addition, you will also be able to learn how to download them.

This platform so famous throughout the world owned by Facebook has a great success, especially for its Stories where you can have good control over the users who see them. Although, when it comes to technology and social media there are always some tricks to bypass these controls. We are going to detail the tools and steps to follow so that you can see and download the stories from this social network , without anyone knowing that you have done it.


This is a very fast tool and what is more important totally free. Weynstag perfectly complies with the fact of seeing the Instagram Stories of whoever you want without them knowing. In fact, you don't even need to have an Instagram account , since at no time do you need to log into the application. The condition is that the account you want to see must be public. You just have to indicate in the search engine that appears on the page the name of the Instagram account and press Enter. The Story of that account appears immediately and you can even download it, regardless of whether it is a video or an image.


IG Stories for Instagram

Another effective alternative to leave no trace while you gossip Instagram accounts is this IG Stories for Instagram extension for Google Chrome. You just have to install it in the browser , and once installed every time you enter Instagram and see the Stories of other users, it will not appear to them that you have been there. Another option that this extension allows is the download of the publications you see on the platform. It is evident that to be able to do this it has to be through the web version.

Stories for Instagram


You can download the Twitly application directly to your Android smartphone. This tool also perfectly meets the objective we are looking for, which is to remain anonymous while we see the Instagram Stories of other users. It is done while the ghost mode that you can connect and disconnect it whenever you want. Another attractive option you have is to find the users who have unfollowed you, both on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram app

Lock account

This is a somewhat more rudimentary way of doing it, but you will still get the result you want. It is very simple, once you have seen the instagram story of who you wanted, you immediately block their account. In this way you will no longer appear among the users who have seen it, because by having it blocked they cannot see anything on your profile , and therefore not know that you saw their story. Unlocking can be done once 24 hours have passed, which is enough time for the story to disappear. The only downside to this method is that the user you have blocked may become aware of their blocking.

Airplane mode

This trick to view Instagram anonymously is also quite effective and simple. For which functions you have to do the following:

Open Instagram and wait for all the posts, data and stories to load. After a few minutes, activate airplane mode on your smartphone . Go back to the instagram that you have left open and you will be able to enter the stories of the users you want, without them knowing that you have been gossiping about their story.