How to access the draft without the information in box 505 for Income 2019

How to access the draft without the data in box 505 for Income 2019 1

Every year is business as usual. If you want to access the tax data to consult the draft of the 2019 Income and you need to do it without an electronic certificate and without Cl @ ve PIN, you will need the information from a box in the previous year's Income statement . This year, for example, to get the reference number it is necessary to have the 2018 return on hand to retrieve the data from box 505.

The data in box 505 is the one that corresponds to the general taxable base subject to tax. This figure, which has to be written without periods and whose decimals can be separated by a comma (not otherwise) is in last year's declaration, so if you don't have the option to get it, you will have to choose other ways to access your tax data . Next, we tell you how.


Access the draft without the information in box 505

Okay, you haven't got the data for box 505. What can you do now? You have three options, although at the moment, and in the context of the current alarm state, these may be somewhat limited. Let's see what they are:

Access by electronic certificate or DNIe

You may want to access with a reference number precisely because you do not have an electronic certificate or DNIe. However, most of us already have a DNIe, so you shouldn't have any problems if you have the system enabled.

If you don't have it, you can ask for the electronic certificate. It is a digital signature that can be installed on the computer and that guarantees the identity of the user in networks. In this way, you can make arrangements (not only the Income) through the computer, mobile or tablet.

1. The request for the certificate can be made online at the National Currency and Stamp Factory. Here you have all the information you need to get it. After having made the request, it will be necessary for you to accredit yourself at an authorized office by providing the code that they have sent you by email.

2. From now on, you will be able to download the certificate from the FNMT website . Make a backup copy of the electronic certificate.

NOTE: At this time and due to the alarm state, it is not possible to go to a physical office to identify yourself. We recommend that you wait for everything to normalize or, failing that, ask for help from a manager who can act as an intermediary.

How to access the draft without the data in box 505 for Income 2019 2

Access through the Cl @ ve PIN system

If you have not tried it yet, we will tell you that the Cl @ ve PIN system offers users the possibility of identifying themselves electronically, using the DNI as a user code and an access code that is provided randomly, by SMS to a mobile number or through a specific app of the Tax Agency.

If you are registered, you can use this system. If not, you will need to register for the first time through this page. You will receive a letter to your address with a 16 character code that you will have to enter again here. We recommend downloading the application to your mobile , available for both iOS and Android, because it speeds up the procedure.

As soon as you obtain it , you can use the PIN code to access your tax data and for many other procedures at the virtual headquarters of the Tax Agency.

Go to an office of the Tax Agency

At the moment this is not an option that we can contemplate, because the offices of the Tax Agency are closed to the public. The appointment is scheduled to start on May 5 , but we are not yet in a position to ensure that this can be the case. In any case, when the service starts up, you can ask for an appointment so that they can provide you with this information. Follow the path:

  • Electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency
  • Outstanding procedures
  • Indicate your NIF and first surname
  • Select the Other services procedure and check the option Obtain the Rent box