Samsung RF24 and Combi F Series, new extra-large and efficient refrigerators

Samsung F2 01 Series

It is called Samsung RF24 and it is the new French Door refrigerator (four doors) that the Korean firm Samsung has just presented for large families and demanding users. It is a brand new four-door refrigerator with a large storage capacity to keep food fresh for as long as possible. The refrigerator is designed for those consumers who buy large quantities of food, organized in savings packages that take up a lot of space in the fridge. Thanks to the dimensions of this refrigerator, families can store fresh food(meat, vegetables, dairy, eggs, etc.) and frozen in their spacious compartments, also doing it in an orderly and clear way that will also allow them to keep food fresh for longer. But this is not the only refrigerator that Samsung has introduced . The firm has also unveiled a new Combi Series F series , a family of innovative refrigerators, useful for better organizing space and being more energy efficient.

Samsung F2 02 Series

But, let us start at the beginning. What is it about the new Samsung RF24 refrigerator , equipped with four doors, that can be interesting for large families ? What is most striking at first glance is the touch screen, located on the front, to set the temperature for the water and ice. It has more than 540 liters of usable space to organize food without having to worry about space. As we said, it has four doors and a folding shelf to place the highest elements and make the most of all the space.

It includes a Coolselect Zone drawer at the height of the worktop, with four temperatures that allow us to choose how we want to preserve the food in the Coolselect Zone drawer : meat and fish (-1ºC), drinks (1ºC), cold cuts and appetizers (3ºC) and wines and cakes (5ºC). The idea is that you can set the temperature depending on whether you need to cool the drinks for a party or keep the cheeses at the most optimal point. As if this were not enough, the refrigerator also incorporates an ice machine called Ice Master , to produce a higher quantity of ice.

Samsung F Series 01

The next refrigerator presented by Samsung is the Combi F Series , a piece that facilitates the organization of products , also through the Easy Slide shelf  that slides out to facilitate organization and removal of food. There is a refrigerator that will appeal to those users or families who intend to take over a conventional refrigerator but equipped, useful for storing products in different sizes: small packages, bulky bottles or large we do not know where to save when we organized a dinner at home. The refrigerator also relies on Superior Digital Inverter technologythat will allow us to save because it improves energy efficiency and can cool up to five speeds , according to the needs of each moment. After opening the door, the compressor will adapt to re-cool the fridge and will run quietly at night, a detail that is also appreciated. Both refrigerators, both the Samsung RF24 and the Combi F Series , will go on sale in Spain shortly . It will be in the moments before the launch when prices will be announced.