▷ TOP 9 alternatives to KICKASS to download Torrent in 2019

kickass torrent

Although they are less and less used, torrent files reach good popularity in full 2019. Unfortunately, torrent search engines to download files with programs like uTorrent are increasingly censored in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and even Spain . One of the last to fall has been Kickass Torrent. The good thing is that, like everything in life, there are many alternative pages to download Torrents. Last week we saw nine applications to download Torrent files on Android. In this case we have made a compilation of nine alternative pages to Kickass to download Torrent in 2019 .

Kickass Torrent ... but with proxies

Although it is true that Kickass has fallen in most of the countries where the page operated until just a few months ago, it is currently possible to access the original website through a series of proxies . The good news is that the website in question offers personalized proxies so that we don't have to resort to third-party programs.

We leave you with the official list of Kickass Torrent proxies:

  • //katcr.co
  • //kickasstorrent.cr
  • //kickasstorrents.pw
  • //kickass.cm
  • //kat.sx
  • //kat.am

The pirate bay

9 alternatives to the Pirate Bay to download torrent files

The king of kings could not be missing in the Torrents download. Little or nothing to say about The Pirate Bay. In short, we find the best and most extensive catalog of torrent files on the Internet . Movies, programs, operating systems, entire discographies, documentaries, electronic books in ePUB format ... In short, any type of content.

Like Kickass Torrent, we will have to access through proxies to bypass the blockade in the different countries where the page is displayed. We can also access the official list of proxies in this other link.

We leave you below with the proxies that work correctly today:

  • //piratebay.tel
  • thepiratebay.kiwi
  • bayception.pw
  • unblocktheship.org
  • tpb247.top



One of the most popular torrent download pages in Spain and one of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrent . The page is entirely in Spanish, and its specialty is films, series, documentaries and all kinds of audiovisual material.

The good thing is that most of this material is in Full HD quality and in Spanish . We can also find movies and series with Spanish subtitles. Unfortunately, like the previous pages, we will have to use a proxy or VPN to enter the web in some parts of Spain.

In this article we make a compilation of several of the best free VPNs in Spain of 2019.

Best Torrent

best torrent

Along with EliteTorrent, the best website for torrent downloads in Spanish. Recently blocked in Spain, and launching a new domain, it has a catalog somewhat lower than the previous page in number but also specialized in series, films and graphic documents of all kinds.

In English, original version (OV), Latin Spanish and Castilian . Like EliteTorrent, most of the content is available in high definition.

We can also find games for the P C, although to a lesser extent than The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrent.



After suffering several closures in Spain throughout its history, the famous DivxTotal is still in force today.

Same orientation as the previous two pages. Series, films, documentaries, video clips and any type of video material . We can also find computer programs, although it is not their main orientation.

Its main disadvantage is that, unlike other similar pages, it has a lot of publicity when clicking on links that lead to Torrents . For this same reason we will have to be careful not to click on false Download buttons.

Torrent downloads

torrent downloads

Website very similar, both in catalog and aesthetics, to Kickass Torrent. This is the reason why today it is proclaimed as one of the best alternatives to the North American giant still in force .

Movies, computer games, old and not so old operating systems, software licenses, electronic books, the latest releases on the billboards, albums ... Everything we could find in Kickass we can enchant in Torrent Downloads, and with practically the same number of seeds , or what is the same, seeds to connect users to each other to improve download speed.



Another alternative to Kickass Torrent very similar to the previous one. Although it has a lot of content in the form of Torrent, the catalog has little or nothing to do with Kickass Torrent.

Regarding the variety of content, Torlock focuses most of its Torrents files on movies and series , although we can also find quite a few PC games, programs and images of operating systems.

Lime Torrents


A torrent search engine traced to Kickass Torrent that has also suffered a multitude of falls throughout its Internet journey. Unlike TorLock, this one can compete both in catalog and variety of content.

Same amount as the aforementioned website, with the exception that this time we did not find as much advertising as we could find it in Kickass . The downside is that in terms of quantity and quality of seeds, Lime Torrent leaves a lot to be desired if we want to download files as quickly as possible.



Recently blocked in Spain and rising from its ashes like the phoenix, 1337X is still in force in the country of Miguel de Cervantes .

Despite the fact that its content is entirely focused on series and movies , we can find applications, programs, games, anime, music and documentaries. Again we will have to resort to proxies to access from Spain, given the recent blocking of the web by the Spanish Justice.

Then we leave you with the official proxy list of the page:

  • //1337xx1.unblocked.lol
  • //1337x.unblockall.org
  • //1337x.unblocker.cc
  • //1337x.st/
  • //x1337x.ws/