How to fix battery problems on the LG G4

The LG G4 has a very good battery life, not least because the Android system is optimized to do more with less power. Despite this, this does not mean that we do not need more autonomy. The current flagship of the South Korean has a 3,000 milliamp battery , which is not bad at all if we compare it with the one offered by other competing terminals. Still, many users prefer to use external chargers to extend the life of the device . In addition to resorting to these last minute lifesavers, did you know that you can squeeze the most out of the LG G4 battery if you carry out a series of actions?

It is clear that the screen is one of the parts of the phone that can affect the battery life the most. In many cases, setting the brightness to automatic will help consume less energy. Go to Settings> Display> Brightness> Automatic brightness to turn it on. It will ensure, when you are in a place with a lot of light, that your device intelligently identifies that you do not need so much brightness. For its part, GPS is another of the great culprits that your device is every two by three at minimum. If you thought the location was only necessary for Google Maps , think again: Used for Google Nowand all kinds of third-party applications, which significantly damages the battery. It's a great idea to disable location services when you don't need them. To do this, go to Settings> Location and disable the location button.

If you stop to think, having multiple forms of connectivity activated (WiFi, bluetooth, 3G, LTE…) has a very negative impact on autonomy. You may not individually notice it as much, but the sum of all of them ends up sapping the battery at the end of the day. You can disable WiFi and Bluetooth connections from the quick settings panel, or you can simply put the LG G4 in airplane mode to turn everything off at once. This is especially useful when we are in a place where we do not have enough coverage.

As in a large number of current mobiles, the L G G4 also has a saving mode that will allow you to achieve a higher battery percentage in the most unexpected moments. Imagine that you are far from home and anywhere to charge your mobile. If you are about to see him die, it is time for you to activate this feature without hesitation. You can also turn it on to start when the battery reaches 15 percent. Obviously, you will not be able to use your mobile completely. The saving mode is designed so that you keep some of the most basic functions, which in the end are always needed in extreme situations (sending messages, receiving calls…). Finally note, that the LG G4It is compatible with chargers QuickCharge 2.0 of Qualcomm . The charger that comes from the factory does not offer this fast-charging technology, but it is definitely worth getting one.