Vodafone Smart V8, we have tested it

Vodafone Smart V8, we have tested it

We thoroughly tested and analyzed the Vodafone Smart V8 mobile. It is a fairly powerful model, with 3 GB of RAM , and a 5.5-inch screen. The phone comes standard with Android 7.1 and stands out for its ultra-thin design, just 8 mm thick.

The Vodafone Smart V8 is compatible with 4G networks and has a 3000 mAh battery.

Screen and general design features

The Vodafone Smart V8 smartphone stands out in its design for its large screen (5.5 inches) with hardly any side edges.

It is a capacitive IPS LCD panel, with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a density of 401 pixels per inch. The screen is protected with an Asahi Dragontrail glass.

vodafone smart v8 screen

On the back of the phone we find the lens of the main camera next to the LED flash, and the fingerprint sensor.

The power button, unlike other terminals, is located on the left side (instead of the right). And on the right side we only have the volume controls .

The upper side has a miniJack port for headphones , and the lower side is dedicated to the speakers and the microUSB port for charging.

vodafone smart v8 profile

Most significant at the design level is the ultra-thin look : the phone is just 7.9mm thick. It weighs 166 grams.

On the other hand, there is a detail of the materials that plays in favor of the phone. The metallic finish on the back is designed so fingers won't easily smudge or mark .

Inside: good processor for smooth performance

The Vodafone Smart V8 mobile is one of the most powerful of the brand so far . Although it does not have top-of-the-range features, it works very well as a mid-range terminal.

Inside we find a Qualcomm MSM8940 Snapdragon 435 processor , with eight Cortex A-53 cores running at 1.4 GHz. The graphics card is the Adreno 505 model.

The mobile has 3 GB of RAM , and the internal storage space is 32 GB. We can always expand with a microSD card of up to 128 GB.

vodafone smart v8 apps

As for the operating system, the Smart V8 comes standard with Android 7.1 Nougat in a fairly pure state. Only several Vodafone own applications have been added.

Vodafone Smart V8

screen5.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 HD (401dpi)
Main chamber16 megapixels, autofocus, Full HD video
Camera for selfies8 megapixels, Full HD video
Internal memory32 / Expandable via microSD card
ExtensionmicroSD up to 128GB
Processor and RAMEight cores at 1.4 GHz, 3 GB
Battery3000 mAh, fast charge, 12,000 points (insert antutu data if there is)
Operating systemAndroid 7.1 Nougat + Vodafone apps
ConnectionsBT 4.0, GPS, microUSB 2.0, NFC
DesignMetal, fingerprint reader
Dimensions155 x 76 x 7.9 millimeters (166 grams)
Featured FeaturesFM radio, 4G Vodafone networks
Release dateAvailable
Price230 euros

Serial applications

The Vodafone Smart V8 phone comes standard with the applications from the Google suite and other Vodafone's own apps to get the most out of all the functions.

We therefore have the following factory installed apps:

  • Basic tools : calculator, file manager, download manager, gallery, etc.
  • Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Play, Google, Maps, Chrome and the rest of applications from the Google suite .
  • Player , FM radio and music player application.
  • Social networks : Instagram and Facebook.
  • Android Wear : allows you to configure step-by-step synchronization with an Android smart watch.
  • Call + : is Vodafone's own application to manage calls and contacts. It works as an alternative to the Phone app, but offering numerous additional options. We can, for example, personalize the call with a message that will appear on the screen of our contact, or share information through chats.
  • Message + is eVodafone's messaging service. It allows to group chat messages and SMS messages in a single application. In addition, it shows on the screen if the receiver has read what we have sent.

vodafone smart v8 app vodafone

When starting the phone for the first time, the system will also propose to install Vodafone Wallet , Vodafone's own app for contactless payments via mobile. We can use it with the Paypal account or with the credit card, thanks to NFC technology.

In addition, Vodafone Wallet allows you to store other types of contactless cards in a virtual way, such as a transport pass or boarding passes for trips.

Vodafone Smart V8 cameras

The main lens of the smartphone is 16 megapixels and has an LED flash and auto focus. You can record video in Full HD quality (1080p at 30 fps).

For its part, the secondary camera is of 8MP . You can also record video in Full HD quality.

Next we review all the modes and functions available in the Vodafone Smart V8 camera application.

vodafone smart v8 cameras

General camera settings

Entering the application settings menu, we can configure different parameters for capturing photos and videos. These are the available functions:

  • Enable or disable geotagging .
  • Select the resolution of the images and the quality of the video recording.
  • Turn the image stabilizer on or off (on the main camera).
  • Capture hotkeys . We can activate a double press on the volume key to turn on the camera, even with the screen turned off or locked.
  • Set a specific folder on the phone or on the microSD where the images will be stored .

Photography modes on the main camera

The main camera of the Vodafone Smart V8 allows you to capture photos with all settings in automatic mode , or select filters, use special modes and select parameters to your liking. These are the available functions:

  • Brightness adjustment , flash mode selection (automatic, on or off) and timer.
  • Available Image Filters : Spine, Sepia, Cute, Cool, Cartoon, Cozy, Mirror, Fisheye.
  • HDR mode . This function allows us to balance the images when one area of ​​the scene is too bright and another is too dark. We have three options: HDR on, HDR off and HDR in automatic mode.
  • Panoramic photography , both in landscape and portrait mode. Thanks to this function it is possible to cover large scenes that would not be seen well in a normal photograph.
  • Manual mode : ideal for obtaining the best possible photograph in every situation. With this mode active, the Vodafone Smart V8 allows you to set the shutter speed, ISO values, white balance, focus, shooting interval, exposure, flash and timer.
  • The super-night photography function is designed for shooting in dimly lit environments, where spotlights will stand out. It is extremely important to use this mode with a tripod, as the interval is very long and any slight vibration or shaking of the hand will cause the final image to be blurred.
  • The multiple exposure collages and assemblies generates two or more images.
  • The slow exposure is ideal for capturing light trails, such as vehicle lights at night.

Front camera modes and functions

Like the main lens, the Vodafone Smart V8's secondary camera allows you to use filters and set the flash, timer or HDR mode. To this is added the possibility of using the beauty mode or activating the smile detector.

The most prominent feature of the secondary camera is the 'wide selfie' mode , ideal for group shots.

Gallery of photos taken with the camera

Video recording on the Smart V8

The mobile also has a timelapse and slow motion recording function , available with the main lens.

Both the main and secondary cameras can record in Full HD quality (1080p at 30fps).


Inside the Vodafone Smart V8 phone we find a 3000 mAh battery , which behaves very well to offer autonomy. The screen is 5.5 inches but has Full HD resolution, so energy consumption is limited for that part.

In fact, in the AnTuTu test, the Vodafone Smart V8 obtained 11,126 points and placed first in the ranking. It passes in front of terminals like the Nexus 4 or the Lenovo S920.

The charger connects through the smartphone's microUSB port. The smartphone does not have a fast charge , so the process can take more than two hours if the battery is completely discharged.

Price and availability

The Vodafone Smart V8 phone is now available in Spain and is priced at about 230 euros . However, it can also be obtained cheaper or with installments when contracting Vodafone plans: from 5 euros + 8 euros per month for 24 months.


Undoubtedly, the main advantages of the Vodafone Smart V8 are the design and battery life . As already mentioned, the large screen and the panel with hardly any side edges are striking.

vodafone smart v8 back

At the level of battery life, it is one of the terminals that offer the most autonomy in its range. After all, 3000 mAh go a long way if the screen does not consume too many resources, and in this case it is a screen with Full HD resolution (instead of 2K).

If we consider the price, the Vodafone Smart V8 is a very good option. Considering the processor, the 3 GB RAM and the general characteristics, we can obtain very good features and good performance for just over 230 euros.

On the other hand, the phone could improve charging time . Even with the terminal turned off, the process can take almost 3 hours. But this is a very minor drawback compared to the advantages of the Smart V8.