How to install Google apps and avoid the certification problem on the Huawei P40 Pro

How to install Google apps and avoid the certification problem on the Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei does not stop despite the obstacles. Neither Trump's veto nor the Coronavirus have stopped the arrival of the Huawei P40 . Both its Lite version, which arrived several weeks ago, as its main option and its flagship the P40 Pro. However, there are notable shortcomings due to these problems, especially the one that has to do with Google services. That is, have Google applications such as Maps, Gboard, YouTube and many others, in addition to the Google Play Store from which to download others such as WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

The problem is that Google has tightened the nuts on the systems and tricks that we already knew to get all these tools on Huawei phones that come with Android but not with these services. Thus, the formula to get hold of these applications that we put into practice with the Huawei P40 Lite a few weeks ago would now be giving failures . Or, rather, launching numerous and irrelevant notifications about an error with Google Protect or the lack of certification of the terminal. An added problem that tarnishes the user experience. But there is a new process to be able to make everything work as usual. And here we tell you step by step so you can enjoy it on the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro.

The problem: Google Play Protect notifications

The little trick of installing the Chat Partner application to, incidentally, have Google applications and services on your mobile no longer works. The problem comes directly from Google Play Protect , which does not offer its services to those terminals that have not been certified by Google. And these Huawei P40s are no exception as they cannot carry the Mountain View company's tools in them.

google protect problem

With this, once you install Chat Partner, you will find a string of constant notifications that will make the experience of using this mobile a real disaster. But not only that, when you want to enter the Google Play Store you will see that you cannot log in with your Google account. And it is that an alert message will tell you that your mobile is not certified. But there are already those who have managed to bypass this system. The problem is that it is not as simple as installing an application. But it is not difficult if you follow these steps.

Everything you need

The tutorial has been adapted by EloyGómezTV from another somewhat more complex tutorial extracted from XDA Developers. You only need three apk files or three applications to do it. But they are specific tools with a certain version so that they can work. In this link you can download the complete package that this youtuber has compiled for his tutorial, which we have been able to successfully test on our Huawei P40 Pro test .

It is the Chat Partner application , the Google account manager plugin in its old version 4.0.2 and the Google services framework . Three different files in apk format and installed as applications. Of course, in different steps.

download Chat Partner

You have several options to manage this. The most comfortable thing is that you download the three applications on your Huawei P40 (Lite, normal or Pro). So you can install them all comfortably. For this you can click on the link browsing from the terminal itself. Another option is to download the applications to a computer and transfer them by cable or by means of a pendrive. Our recommendation is that you save the folder with the three applications directly on your mobile to use them when necessary .

And once you have downloaded everything from this link, we will explain the process step by step.

Step by Step

The first thing is to have our Huawei P40 formatted at the factory . No data, apps, accounts or anything at all. This way we will make sure that everything works as it should. Once we have reset the phone or start it for the first time, we carry out the pertinent configurations such as connecting it to a WiFi network or establishing the protection we prefer. Basically it is to start it like any Android mobile until it takes us to the usual home screen.


At this time we transfer the applications of this tutorial to the memory of the terminal . In a folder where we have them located and present. Thus, from the Files application we can scrutinize the folders in the internal memory of the mobile to find them without problem. The folder must not be compressed to avoid problems.

Now it's the turn to install Chat Partner on a regular basis. Find the Mate30fix folder where the downloaded applications are and click on Chat Partner. This process will trigger an alert message for installing the application from outside a secure source such as the Google Play Store. It is a security measure so that you are aware of the risk. We have tested it without any problem so click on the Allow button and install the application.

install chat partner

Once this is done, open it for Chat Partner to install the Google Play Store and Google services. The process is simple. Just click on the Detect device button and wait for the percentage to reach 100. After several minutes you will see that the Google login screen appears. Exit the application to see that you are already receiving notifications about problems or pending actions from Google Play Store and Google Protect. You will also see the Google Play Store icon on your mobile, although you will not be able to access the applications and games since the notice of non-certified mobile appears. So let's solve this problem.


For this we go to the mobile Settings and look for the Applications section. Here we click on the Applications subsection to find everything that is installed on the mobile. Inside the list, look for the three points in the upper right corner to activate the option to Show system processes . With this we can find the Google Services Framework process , from which we must clear cache and data within its storage section. Then we go to the previous window and click on Stop, confirm action and uninstall. Thus, the notifications should stop being a hindrance to continue with the process.

Uninstall google account

The next step is to install the Google account manager that we have downloaded. It is another of the applications downloaded for the process. It is an old version of this add-on, which allows us to bypass the new Google protections. Click on the icon of the tool to install it as a normal application. It only takes a couple of seconds.


The next thing you should do is go to the Settings of your mobile and go down the menu until you find the Users and accounts section. Here you will see that now you can add a Google account, although the Google icon is somewhat out of date. You just have to click on this option and enter your Google account and your password. You will see that the process looks dark and not light, but it is the design of a few years ago. It is the trick to bypass the new prohibitions. A message may appear to tell us that it is an older version of the application, but we will have to skip it and continue. After that, a screen will appear with the backup information where we must press the Next button. And voila, we will have managed to sign to access Google services, although there is still one more step for everything to work.

Google account

It remains to install the new Google Services Framework , which is the third application that we have on our Huawei P40. This way we will return all the requirements and complements so that everything works again, already with our Google account included in the terminal. So we go to the folder from the Files application and click on the third apk that we have. In a few seconds the installation is completed to continue with the process.

google services framework

The last step to get everything up to date again is to get rid of the old Google account manager that we installed before. So we will have to go to Settings, enter Applications, click on the Applications submenu and here show the System processes from the three points. In this way we will find the Google Account Manager, which we must first stop and then uninstall. With this step, if we return to the mobile settings, to the Users and accounts section we will see our Google credentials updated and synchronizing information such as contacts.

Uninstall account

Now it remains to restart your Huawei P40 so that everything settles down and works as it should.

After that, you can click on the Google Play Store icon to access the store. If you get a connection failure error, you just have to retry it several times . In our case, a third attempt has been enough to enter the Google Play Store as if it were a normal Android mobile. And now install all the Google applications you want. From the keyboard to YouTube, through its search engine, the assistant, the service to manage smart speakers, the translator, Drive ... Everything you want. We recommend doing it in one go to avoid having to constantly remove notifications. Also take the opportunity to log into all these services with your Google account.

install Google apps on Huawei P40

It is possible that in this installation process you will see messages of problems with Google Play Services or Google Play services. A problem that can eventually appear even though the downloaded services and applications work normally. Even updates are available through the Google Play Store. Also, they may also appear when you restart the phone. In this situation, there are two possible solutions: on the one hand, there is to slide the notification to the left, click on the gear wheel and block new notifications from Google Play. Something that will leave us without these notices but also without others such as pending updates or notifications of new applications. The second method is to go back to the mobile Settings, to the applications and clear the data and cache of the Google services framework. We will also have to uninstall it to re-install, again, from the file downloaded for this process.With this, everything will return to normal without these warnings.

disable notifications

And that's it. We will have a Huawei P40 mobile with Android operating system and with the application store and other Google services running at full capacity . Although it is not the most comfortable process, it is effective. Of course, we are not safe from that after some installation or process we find Google Play notifications again forcing our patience. We will have to wait until an expert comes up with a simpler and more effective formula.

In summary

  1. Reset the terminal
  2. Download the three files for the process (Chat Partner, Old Account Manager, Service Framework)
  3. Install Chat Partner
  4. Uninstall the services framework and stop notifications
  5. Install Old Account Manager
  6. Enter Google account
  7. Install Service Framework
  8. Uninstall Old Account Manager
  9. Restart the terminal
  10. Install and log in to all the Google applications you want
  11. Disable Google Play Services notifications / Uninstall and reinstall Google Services Framework