How to organize the invisible friend online or with your mobile

invisible friend

Business dinner, posh bonus, Christmas postcard. Only one thing is missing: organize the inescapable invisible friend with its corresponding gifts from the Chinese. There, now yes. You already have all the ingredients you need for a perfect Christmas. Ah well, one very important thing remains: do the raffle. May everyone have someone to give and be gifted . Let no one get lost along the way with the piece of paper. Well, so that this does not happen and to facilitate all these Christmas procedures, today we have proposed to help you organize the invisible friend online or with your mobile , through email messages, but also by WhatsApp or SMS. We have different online sites to do it, but there are also applications that will help us create a group of invisible friends easily and quickly . In addition, you can use them as many times as you want, both for work, with your group of friends or even with the family. Do you want to forget about this matter? Well, follow the steps below to organize this year's invisible friend in a few minutes .

invisible friend

If you know the email of all your friends, is one of the simplest and most practical options. As soon as you access the main page of the site, you can begin to introduce the participants of the game. Write the name of each one of them (make sure you do it well, there is no room for misunderstandings) and enter their email addresses . You can also use the last box to exclude certain matches. All you have to do is indicate it with numbers between commas. Another advantage of this tool is that it allows you to upload an Excel file with the list of participants(Something that will be great for you if you have the participants in a document of these characteristics, because you did it this year or because you keep it from last year). When you're done, click on the bottom button to access Step 2 .

invisible friend

Next, you will have to add the name of the giveaway (for example, Invisible Friend Company 2016 ) and fill in the message box. Here you can inform the participants about the characteristics of the game, the day it will be held, the minimum and maximum price of the gifts, and so on. Access Step 3 and review the information you have entered . At this point you have to make sure that the information of your friends is correct, the message they will receive and enter the name of the person who organizes the raffle. In this way, the recipient of the message will immediately know who the sender is . If you have everything ready, click on Send emails . The game can begin.

I am your invisible friend

Let's now move on to another tool that will come in handy for organizing the invisible friend raffle via email. This is, in fact, the only option you can use with this page. To get started, go to  and you can read the instructions for the draw. With this tool you will not need to meet physically to carry out the draw. Click on Next. You will have to enter the date on which the raffle will be held, begin to enter the participants (the name along with the e-mail address), indicate the minimum amount that has to be spent with the gift and finally, click on Send. Remember that to participate you need at least three participants. You will receive the email immediately and you will be ready to participate.

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Invisible Friend App

What do you prefer to do from your mobile? Well, very easy. In the app store you will find countless apps dedicated to this game, but we are going to recommend a couple. The first is Invisible Friend App  and it is a graphically beautiful tool, with which you can organize your invisible friend in just a few steps. It is super easy to use . These are all the steps you have to take:

1. Download the Amigo Invisible App . You will find it available in the Google application store . You will see that it is completely free. In some cases, it may appear under the title of Secret Santa .

2. Next, you will have to click on the red button at the bottom left to start introducing participants. Then you will have to indicate their name and email address. Make sure all the information you enter is correct. Repeat this operation as many times as participants in the game . The process is a bit tedious, but it is the only way to do it, so be patient and go ahead.

3. When you have finished, click on the arrow in the upper right corner . A window will open indicating that you are about to send a message to your friends with the results of the draw.

invisible friend app

4. Next, you will have to enter the game conditions . Here you can indicate the day and time when the gifts will be delivered, as well as the instructions or the minimum amount to spend. Click on the accept button and the message will be sent to all the indicated recipients. The draw will be over.

ultimate invisible friend

Ultimate invisible friend

Are you going to run different raffles or games? Well, in that case, we would recommend you download this application. Graphically it is not great : in fact, you will see that the boxes are very small and that the letter does not read very well, but in function it is more than correct. Do you want to know how to use it?

1. First of all, logically, you will have to download Ultimate Invisible Friend from the Google application store . It is a free tool.

2. Once downloaded, open the application and activate your administrator user account . You will have to enter your email address. After a few minutes you will receive an email and you will have to click on the confirmation link.

3. Return to the application and click on the blue button I want to play . Then choose Create a group and send by email . What you will have to do next is to fill in the different boxes: here you can indicate the instructions or rules of the game.

4. After these stages, you will have to start introducing the participants. Here are names and email addresses. At this point, however, we want to remind you that this application also allows you to carry out the raffle through WhatsApp or by SMS (which will be great if you have a participant in the group who does not have an email or smartphone with an Internet connection) .

organize invisible friend

5. Click on Continue . You will immediately receive the name of the person to whom you have to give the gift to your mailboxes . The raffle will be over and you will only have to go to the store for the gift.

And you, have you already done the draw? Which of these tools have you found most useful? If you know of any other, you can also share your favorite below in the comments. Now to buy the gift and enjoy the game!