▷ What about Jaime Altozano and why is it viral on Twitter

what's up with jaime altozano

"What about Jaime Altozano?" It is the most repeated phrase on Twitter since the early hours of yesterday until today. At this time, Jaime Altozano, who today is one of the best-known music promoters on YouTube in Spanish, is being a Trending Topic on Twitter, with more than 15,000 tweets in total and on the rise. The reason for this is not due to any informative video; not even to a tweet or comment taken out of context, but to a joke on the part of his fans? .

This is what happens with Jaime Altozano on Twitter

As we anticipated at the beginning of the article, the last Trending Topic by Jaime Altozano is due to a joke from his followers.

The joke in question, started by several users of the blue bird social network, is about making August 5 Jaime Altozano's World Day . The ways to follow the TT on Twitter are as varied as they are funny, although they are usually related to one of the photographs published by the youtuber on his social networks. Photograph that we can see just below this paragraph.

jaime altozano what's up

Profile photos, nicknames , traditional memes adapted to the figure of Jaime Altozano and convoluted explanations of a multitude of concepts related to music. These and many other occurrences are some of the most viral tweets on Twitter on the occasion of Jaime Altozano's Day.

It has taken effect, today is Jaime Altozano's day, it is August 5. Everyone has to put this photo and Jaime's name, even @Loulogio_Pi did it and almost gave me a heart attack

- Jaime Altozano (@Elobomg) August 5, 2019

Jaime Altozano pic.twitter.com/9EBZ5ZhXfo

- Jaime Altozano (@drogaplayer) August 5, 2019

Mom: Daughter wake up, it's time to get up

Daughter: 5 more minutes mom please

Mom: Come on daughter, Jaime Altozano came to see you and is waiting for you 🤭

Daughter: That trick is old mom!

Jaime Altozano: do re mi fa sol la si do, princess pic.twitter.com/kisTyhi16H

- duckling (@wikipatitos) August 4, 2019

-Mami, who was Jaime Altozano? 🤔

+ My idol 😍

-What happened to him? 🤨

+ He… 😔

-The what? 🤨

+ He is already married and has a family😌

-And why do you smile mommy? 🧐

+ Pq if he is happy, I am also❤️☝🏼

+ * shows you a photo *

-Hey! He is daddy

*The door opens*

DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO pic.twitter.com/CB9aOHCPhU

- Properly Hydrated Xexu (@xexu_fernandez) August 5, 2019


In a fight on earth who would win:

Fav: Superman and Batman together

RT: Jaime Altozano pic.twitter.com/otNhvsDsMS

- Jaime Altos Anos (@MomoSodomo) August 4, 2019

Hi, I'm Jaime Altozano, and today I'm going to teach you how to derive the C major ninth derived from a minor third son of your fucking mother.

- Jaime Altozano (@drogaplayer) August 4, 2019

jaime altozano talking about the impossibility of metaharmonizing the sub-fifth without first reversing the order of the subintervals in string instruments pic.twitter.com/0uXuq3s6K

- puppy (@perritoo_) August 4, 2019

Several Twitter personalities have joined the meme, such as the well-known youtuber and comic book artist Loulogio and many other renowned “tweeters”. At this time, in fact, the number of accounts with the photograph and the name of Jaime Altozano as the main Twitter avatar is over a hundred.

What Bach would never expect is that under his potato omelette there was ... this.p pic.twitter.com/1YbbYVn7TZ

- Jaime Altozano (@Loulogio_Pi) August 5, 2019

The most curious thing of all is that the youtuber still does not know about the virality of his profile , beyond his recognition for his work on YouTube. At the moment, Jaime has not commented on the matter, although it is not ruled out that he ends up publishing his opinion through a tweet or through a video on YouTube.