What is Kodi and why is its website down?

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Kodi, the best known IPTV content application of the last decade, has suffered a global decline ... Or rather, its website. At the time of this writing, the application page does not work in any way, and its creators have already spoken about it. Is it a brute outside attack? Have they vetoed the use of the service for violating the Intellectual Property Law in a new attempt at censorship? We find out below.

But what is Kodi?

We have already talked about Kodi on many occasions. This popular application is an IPTV platform whose operation is based on streaming content through external sources or Addons.

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Kodi content can range from live TV channels in other countries to entire directories of classified series and movies : all completely free and without going through pages of dubious origin. Adding this type of content is as simple as accessing the application repository or resorting to external repositories and installing the library that we want. In this other article we explain how to proceed step by step.

Applications such as Spotify and even YouTube are compatible with this service, which makes Kodi a complete content platform for television, although it is also compatible with Android and Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Google Chromecast.

Don't panic: Kodi keeps working

One of lime and another of sand. At this very moment the Kodi website is totally down. The reason? Apparently, its creators have indicated through the official Kodi account on Twitter, that Acquia, a web hosting company that until today operated to store Kodi content, has stopped cooperating with those responsible for the application .

Our website is down until further notice. One of our sponsors @acquia has decided were using too much resources so unless we pay for a dedicated server they won't bring it back online. Hoping @getpantheon or another Drupal host wants to help!

- Kodi (@KodiTV) September 25, 2019

From the Twitter account of the same application, an appeal has been launched to several of the Drupal-compatible hosting services to host the Kodi page. Does this mean that the application has stopped working? The truth is that no .

kodi does not work

Currently we can access all the content that the application houses inside. The service crash only affects access to the original website , and therefore, the application download links on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. In fact, the original code of the application is available on Github to compile if we have the right tools.

How to download Kodi now that the web is not working

All is not lost. If we want to download the Kodi application on our smartphone, tablet or computer, we can do it through different ways.

Kodi for Android

In the case of Android, downloading Kodi is as simple as accessing the Google application store and searching for the application . We can also download it from this link or use external pages such as APK Mirror.

Kodi on Windows

If we want to download Kodi on Windows, the way to proceed is as simple as going to the Microsoft store, where we will find the latest version of the application.

Kodi for Linux

Downloading Kodi on Linux depends entirely on the distro that we have installed on the computer. If we have Ubuntu, Lubuntu or any other distribution based on Ubuntu, we can access the official repository of the distro to download the application by using the Terminal.

Kodi on macOS

Apple's operating system is the big hit. As we do not have a presence in the Mac App Store, we will have to resort to third-party websites to obtain the download file , although we will have to be careful not to download malware.