5 apps we don't recommend using with Chromecast

5 apps we don't recommend using with Chromecast

Google's Chromecast has earned itself as the most famous device to turn any television into a SmartTV . Not only televisions, but any screen or device with HDMI input, you can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful gadget from which we can launch some of our mobile applications.

However, not all apps work equally well with this device, which can lead to some unpleasant surprises, since we  do not want anything to interrupt what we are watching or doing .

That is why we want to save you the trouble of discovering them for yourself. Take a look at our list of the 5 apps that we do not recommend using with Chromecast . Not that they're a disaster, but they don't work as well as they should. Let's see what they are.



Many will be surprised, but we have to start by including the HBO Spain application in this list, since its service leaves much to be desired. Its 2.5 stars rating on Google Play (before it was even less) already gives us an indication of where the shots are going.

And why such a score you will wonder. Well, the cause is not going to be found in its price or the quality of its content (nothing further), but in the usability of the application itself . Successive crashes and connection failures between our device and the Chromecast cast a shadow over the user experience, and can end the patience of more than one.

User complaints are constantly repeated about the instability of the connection and the repeated crashes that hinder the correct monitoring of their series and movies catalog. Sometimes, there are even cases where, without warning, playback stops and automatically moves to the next chapter in a series . Absolute nonsense.

The truth is that, if we have to compare the service of the apps of the large streaming content platforms (Amazon Prime, Netflix ...), HBO Spain undoubtedly loses.

movistar +

Movistar +

The usability of the Movistar + app through Chromecast also leaves a lot to be desired. Good proof of this are the multiple negative reviews that far exceed the positive ones .

It is true that the Movistar + app has been the last of the traditional operators' pay televisions to join the compatibility with the Google dongle. Perhaps that is why it can be deduced that they still have room for improvement to polish their service , but the truth is that at the moment criticism is raining down on them from all sides.

In our case, we have experienced multiple failures when sending content from our mobile device to the Chromecast. It is not desirable, but it can be overlooked. However, we have come to see criticisms from some users who have registered problems related to a systematic malfunction , or the fact of not saving correctly the chapter that you were watching for the last time.

Errors that, as we say, can be corrected in the coming months . After all, the app has recently released Chromecast support.


It should be noted that AllCast is by no means the worst app on this list, but it has certain unforgivable errors that can ruin the final experience. One of these errors has to do with problems when connecting to devices such as Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV dongle .

Does the typical message of "no network devices found" sound familiar to you? Well, this is a more common mistake than we would like. So all, this veteran application has a good average of reviews in the main marketplaces .

my TV

MiTele - TV on demand

It was made to wait, but finally the Mediaset on-demand content app is already compatible with Chromecast since last October . Something for which it was harshly criticized by the user community . The downside is that the criticism continues.

Connection problems, irregularities in the availability of their own content , excessive advertising, improvable usability ... are some of the criticisms that are repeated the most, and we can attest to this.

As a result, we find totally extreme opinions with a majority of ratings giving it 5 stars or 1 star, while a minority of votes are distributed between 4 and 2 stars.

Now, as with the Movistar + app, MiTele has just launched its service on Chromecast, which ensures a greater number of subscriptions to its premium service . Perhaps this will cause them to take action to try to fix the problems described above.


As many of you already know, there are many uses that you can do with the Chromecast. Among the most curious is the possibility of drawing on your home television thanks to an application that allows us to sketch images from our mobile phone so that it is also instantly displayed on the television screen . This function is perfect to play guess what you are painting, when you are at home with friends.

Unfortunately, for this you have to download the CastPad application available for Android, and run it on the device that is paired with the Chromecast. And we say unfortunately because this application does not work well at all , due to its continuous connection failures.

What could be a pleasant afternoon of meeting with friends, can end up becoming a torment, since the app constantly crashes trying to reestablish the connection with our Chromecast. Something that never happens, or almost never. A pity, because it could be one of the star applications to use with the Google device.

So far our review for today. Are any of the problems described here familiar? What other applications do you know that do not work correctly with Chromecast? Leave us your anecdotes below in the comment box.