5 things you can do on the Internet if you are bored

5 things you can do on the Internet if you are bored

Break time comes at work and you don't know what to do, or it's break time at high school and your best friends haven't been to class that day. Fortunately you can always turn to the Internet to entertain yourself, until your work day begins again. We tell you the 5 things you can do on the Internet when you are bored .

Listen to Podcast

listen to podcast

Podcasts are a great tool to pass time when we have nothing to do. In addition, we can learn while we entertain ourselves, something that is very interesting.

A podcast is a program in audio format that you can listen to anywhere as long as you have internet access, there are even platforms that allow you to download them, to be able to listen to them without having to have a network connection.

Ivoox is currently one of the best platforms to listen to podcasts, with topics as varied as documentaries, cinema, video games, politics, online marketing and much more. We recommend that you visit The Chema Lapuente podcast, you will find many interesting topics.

Finding bargains on Amazon

Amazon has become the largest online store with a platform where you can find all the products you can imagine, and often at unbeatable prices.

Inside Amazon you will find both new and second-hand products. In addition, many times sellers apply flash offers, which you can take advantage of to take what you were looking for at a scandal price.

search amazon bargains

Looking for bargains on Amazon when you don't have to can be a good way to entertain yourself, and save money on your purchases. You may find a bargain pendrive you were looking for, or you may find the perfect gift for your partner's birthday at half price .

Travel with Google Earth

Breaks from work or school are not enough to travel, fortunately you can always turn to Google Earth to visit the places that interest you most, even if only virtually.

use google earth

You can even use Google Mars to explore the red planet and all its impressive structures, such as Valles Marineris or Mount Olympus. Not only Mars, but you can also explore the moon and its craters.

google mars

Google Street is the perfect complement so that you can visit all your favorite cities, and be able to see everything that is hidden in them in great detail. It seems without any doubt one of the most entertaining ways to pass the time.

Watch an episode of your favorite series

The films are usually too long to be able to see them in a free time, but you can find a multitude of series, whose chapters barely exceed 20 minutes. Platforms such as Netflix access a large amount of content anywhere we have an Internet connection.

Watch an episode of your favorite series

We can even download the chapters when we are at home, in this way we can see them during work break without depending on a network connection.

Play with Google Translate

Play with Google Translate

This option will be one of the most interesting for the most curious users. Have you ever wondered how to say something in another language? Google Translate is a fantastic tool, which you can access from virtually any device with the ability to connect to the Internet. You can even take advantage of your free time to try to improve your English pronunciation .

What is your favorite way to spend time on the Internet when you get bored?