How to remove old and useless drivers from Windows 10

How to remove old and useless drivers from Windows 10

Over time, Windows saves temporary files and old drivers, which will gradually take up space on your hard drives. You can clean the “C:” drive of unnecessary files, to free up space on your hard drive, but what if the old drivers for any device interfere with the installation of new versions? The problems are mostly due to mice, keyboards, and other wireless USB devices, which sometimes don't want to work until we remove the old drivers and install the new ones.

What are Windows 10 drivers

Drivers are small applications necessary to connect any device, and make it work. Windows has a very large database of drivers for different types of devices: printers, mice, sound cards, cards, etc.

Some manufacturers produce their own versions of drivers, which are necessary, since the drivers in the Windows database cannot always work with this or that device. To do this, you need to remove old and unnecessary driver versions and install new ones from the manufacturer.

How to remove old device drivers in Windows

Most often, there are native drivers installed and hidden. Hidden drivers remain in the system, and when a new device is detected, they can prevent the successful installation of the new drivers.

The first thing to do is press the " Win + R " key combination and enter the command "devmgmt.msc" to open the device manager.

remove old Windows 10 drivers 1

Once in Device Manager, click View> Show hidden devices .

remove old Windows 10 drivers 2

With this you will see that some devices appear weakly highlighted , these are hidden drivers that sometimes interfere with us.

To remove these old hidden drivers, just right-click and select " Uninstall device ".

remove old drivers from Windows 10 3

With this Windows 10 will eliminate the driver in question so that it stops giving problems with the new devices that you try to install. This is all, remember that you can leave a comment if you have any questions.