The best tricks to take slofies or selfies in slow motion on the iPhone

The best tricks to take slofies or selfies in slow motion on the iPhone

The front camera of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has improved compared to its previous generation. And not only in terms of resolution, but also in functions. For example: now, when we place the device horizontally, the lens expands to a wider angle for group selfies. Another new feature is the ability to record selfies in slow motion. Apple calls them Slofies, and the truth is that they give a lot of play. We tell you the best tricks to get Slfoies on your iPhone.

Before we start, we must be clear about what Slofies are and how to do it with the iPhone camera. This feature allows us to create slow motion videos with the front sensor , and it does so at 140 fps movement.It is somewhat faster than the maximum 240 fps that the main camera allows, but the difference from normal video recording is notable. This feature, which is only available on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, is enabled by default in the camera app. To use it we just have to go to the application, switch to the front lens and slide to the section that says 'Slow motion'. Then, click on the red button and it will start recording. An interesting detail is that there is no time limit. Now, we are going with the best tricks for the Slofies.

Don't just shoot vertically

The slow motion selfie mode can be recorded both vertically and horizontally. Although we are used to taking selfies vertically, you can also rotate the mobile to make more panoramic Slofies. It is perfect if we want to capture some landscape or some moving object behind us. If you want to make a Slofie to upload to your Instagram stories, do it in vertical format.

Choose the slow motion shot


With the video editing of the camera app, we can choose the areas that we want to be played in slow motion. To do this, save a slofie and save it in the gallery. Then, click on the preview and hit the button that says 'Edit'. Just below the option to trim the clip there is a bar that allows us to choose the duration of the slow motion. When the lines are further apart it means that the video is being made at 140 fps, while the lines closer to it indicate the normal speed. To make videos more artistic, leave a space between the slow motion shot, both at the beginning and at the end. Just a few seconds.

When you have finished cropping your slow motion shot, click 'Ok' and the video will be saved. You can access it again if you want to improve something or enlarge the scene to 140 fps.

Mute the sound

A simple trick for slow motion recording: mute the sound of the video. Record a slofie and save it to the gallery. Then, click on the 'Edit' button that appears in the upper area. Finally, click on the speaker icon in the left area. Press ok to save and the video will be without sound.

Add music to video


You can also apply music. An interesting option to create much more attractive Slfies and then publish them on your social networks. Of course, to do this it is necessary to have the iMovie app downloaded. It's official from Apple, and can be downloaded for free on the App Store. Locate the video in slow motion and click on the 'Edit' button. Once inside the edit box, click on the three-dot button in the upper area and choose iMovie. The app will open with a small interface to edit the video and add other elements. If you want to include music, click on the note icon that appears at the bottom.

Then select a soundtrack or song from Apple Music or the iMovie library. Choose the area to your liking. When you're ready, click 'Ok' and the video will start to export. You will return to the Photos editing window. Press 'Ok' again to save the video with the music.

This is my slow motion selfie with music:

Make water slofies

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are water resistant. Although the warranty does not cover liquid damage, the terminal is certified with a protection, so nothing will happen to it if it gets a little wet. And is that water can be a very good ally for the Slofies , since they give a lot of play and can create very funny scenes. For example, you can make a slofie in the rain. Or under a sprinkler ...

Save it as Live Photo

Without a doubt, the most interesting trick for the Slfies of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: create a Live Photo. Apple does not allow creating Live Photos of videos, so we need a third-party app. IntoLive is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. This app allows us to convert a video into a Love Photo, and then save it in the gallery as this file, which can be shared through WhtasApp and social networks. To create a Live Photo of a Slofie, open the app and select the previously recorded clip. You can add some filter or text. Once finished editing, click on the 'Create' button that appears in the upper area. Select 'No repeats' and finally, click on the button that says 'Save Live Photo'. It will automatically be saved in the gallery.


Do you want to put that Live Photo as your wallpaper? Go to Photos, click on the Live Photo and hit the share button. Then click on wallpaper and confirm that you want it on the lock and home screen.