PassMark PerformanceTest, a program that works like AnTuTu for PC

PassMark PerformanceTest, a program that works like AnTuTu for PC

Knowing how our device works is vital to know how far it can give from our machine , and what we can expect from its useful life. Comparing it with other devices will also help us to know if our choice was more or less correct, as well as giving us a good clue for future purchases in the future. For this, we use benchmark programs.

These programs have become popular for mobile phones, such as the AnTuTu Benchmark or the Geekbench 4. However, we can also carry out this process with our computer . One option to do so is the PassMark PerfomanceTest, a PassMark Software program that will help you get to know your PC more thoroughly, both laptop and desktop.

The program is not free, it costs 27 dollars, 23 dollars to change. However, it gives us a trial period 30 days to know the inner workings, and see how far it is effective. So we have downloaded it to be able to see it closely and know its functions.


Benchmark for PC

Within the Passmark Perfomance Test we have different options: we can do an analysis of the RAM, the hard disk, the video card in 2D or 3D . Finally, we have the option of doing a complete analysis of everything, in case what we are looking for is to know the general status of the terminal.

In addition, in the Information option we will get a complete X-ray of our computer , with all its detailed characteristics, such as the model name, its processor, RAM memory, graphics card and type of hard disk. Very useful if we are missing a specific detail.

By pressing the Run Benchmark button , the analysis begins. We can only wait.

passmark results

The test lasted 10 minutes for our veteran Lenovo Ideapad 1 laptop, with 4 GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron N2840 processor at 2.16 GHz. The final score was 599, being 1,082 for the CPU, 193 for 2D graphics and 149 for 3D graphics. The result of the RAM memory analysis was 595, and the hard disk 763.


Just having the numbers, we cannot know to what extent we are facing a lower higher score, so it is good to make a comparison and put that data in perspective.

The program has a fairly complete tool (although not very intuitive) for us to make this comparison in the most useful way. We can, on the one hand, know if our computer is in the Top 100 computers in its database, or if it is in the queue of the last 100 . Another option is to compare it with other computers with the same CPU or with the same graphics card, depending on what we are most interested in highlighting about the PC.

comparative passmark

In our case, 599 is in a fairly low margin, something predictable since the computer is mid-range and uses a processor that has already been in existence for more than 3 years. His position in the world ranking would be 2,395 . The world champion at the moment, to give us a comparative idea, has a score of 9,472, and it is a computer with an ASUS Rampage Extreme motherboard.

The best score is relative to 2D video , which with 193 would be ranked 583 in the world, while the worst position is in the CPU, placing our device in position 6014 in the world.

In short, using this Passmark PerformanceTest, you can put your PC to the test to see if it is as up to par as you thought. Later, if you are convinced by the program to make specific checks, you can buy the paid version for 23 euros .