The best memes of the elimination of Germany in the World Cup

The best memes of the elimination of Germany in the World Cup

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. This is soccer. There are days when the ball does not want to enter. We could add another mythical phrase about football, but we would always end by saying that Germany has hit a hit of those that make history in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. And it has been eliminated.

Germany faced South Korea this afternoon in a match that has meant the resounding fall of the current World champion . So much so that it has not even been able to go to the Round of 16, a phase that Spain will attend, even if it is by the hair.

The match ended 2-0 in favor of Korea. Sweden, for its part, has beaten Mexico 3-0. This has made the first pass as first in the group and Mexico, despite the defeat, remain second. The German team will have to go home and say goodbye, this year, to the world championship . But first we will take a look at the large number of memes that the most soccer fans have shared on social networks. Enjoy them!

defeat germany

It is wrong to say so, but some - especially certain national teams - have had a great time watching Germany slam into the World Cup in Russia. And it is that without a doubt, it is a fall as epic as it is unprecedented.


The Argentines probably had a particularly good time. You already know that in one of the last games Messi became the target of all anger. And if we talk about Argentines and soccer, the matter can turn into a real fire. And you know the saying, when you see your neighbor's beard shave, put yours to soak… Will Maradona continue to suffer? Or will you be happier and more relaxed this afternoon?

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Incidentally, pity has been conspicuous by its absence today in the networks ... Even the Führer has appeared in today's memes. It is clear that the Germans have elicited no compassion from rival fans.


And here, the Koreans giving precise instructions on how to beat Germany in a World Cup to great football stars like Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Will they learn?


And the political parody has not been lacking in today's memes. Putin and his black hand, intervening in the results of Germany in the World Cup. This more than laughter is already a bit scary.


Sarcasm has been the dominant tonic in all the memes of the afternoon today. Hitler has appeared and even Putin himself, host of this World Cup ...

russia germany

The Russian leader is clear: Germany has never won in Russia. Ironies of fate. And toast for it in memes… Only in memes? 

end world

Today has been, without a doubt, a historic hit. So we are probably facing the true end of the world.


Germany's defeat has not generated the compassion of its rivals. Nothing is further from reality. When it comes to winning a World Cup, some even dare to awaken the ghosts of the past ...

And that's all for today. The next important appointment - at least for Spain - we will have this Sunday. The National Team will have to face off with the hosts of the World Cup, Russia, so the road to the Round of 16 will not be easy either. We have the consolation of not having been fired at the first exchange , like Germany.