10 humorous videos to lift your spirits in this confinement

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It's time to shut yourself up at home. For the good of all. If this country has shown something, it is that we know how to be in solidarity and we are sure that together we will manage to end this nightmare of the coronavirus. But just because we stay home doesn't mean we have to be sad or in a bad mood . And less with the help of the Internet.

To help lift your spirits and start smiles in quarantine, we have put together a list of 10 videos that we believe can help you get through this confinement better . From here we recommend being aware of the latest news on the subject. But without being obsessed or pending 24 hours of what happens. To avoid falling into depression, overwhelm or apathy, nothing like seeing the masters of humor and enjoying their best moments.

In this compilation we have selected 10 humorous videos that seem suitable for all audiences . There are also some movie scenes that, although not humorous, do liven up with their dances, like the mythical choreography of the film Pulp Fiction.

Anyway, here is our selection and, really, we hope it helps to encourage more than one person. By the way, if you want to share some more video with people, do not hesitate to do it through the comments.

The Muchachada Nui team is already well known to the Spanish. Thanks to montages like this, the corrupt boy scout triumphed on television and achieved media success. Fortunately, the Internet allows us to remember a classic like this from time to time.

To talk about foam rubber is to talk about commuting to work in the morning with fits of laughter. And it is that this duo managed to notably improve the mornings through their radio program. They also came to experiment with the television format, thanks to which we were able to enjoy scenes like the one in this video.

Does anyone remember that endangered species called " Spanish male "? So that future generations can know their characteristics and behavior, here is this monologue by Agustín Jiménez. It has no waste.

Another program that has provided us and still does great moments of humor is that of the presenter Andreu Buenafuente. There we could see the versatile Silvia Abril making this memorable character of the girl from Shrek .

Let's go with the world of cinema. And, specifically, with a masterpiece of humor by the British group Monty Python. It's hard to stick with just one sketch from the Life of Brian movie . But this is one that comes to mind many times. Especially every time a new party arises that further divides an ideology (something that is often recurrent on the left in this country). With all of you, the Popular Front of Judea. Or was it the Popular Judaic Front? By the way, if someone wants, you can also see the sketch in its original version.

Jim Carrey is the actor with a thousand impossible faces. Someone who has also made us laugh on numerous occasions. Here we rescue a scene from La Máscara where he combines dancing with grimaces and a lot of humor.

We are still in the world of cinema. And now we do it with a memorable scene that, although it does not contain humorous gags, it does start smiles when seeing its two protagonists, John Travolta and Uma Thurman, marking a spectacular dance in Pulp Fiction .

Spanish cinema has also given us great unforgettable moments. Every time you have to contact an unknown professional from the world of home repairs, you will inevitably remember the bungler of reforms Usillo from the movie El Milagro de P. Tinto . And pray that whoever comes home is not like this character.

The humorous monologues have given great moments. Without a doubt, one of them is that of the festivities of the Leo Harlem towns . Now that it's time to stay at home and that, logically, there will be no village festivals, nothing better than remembering this monologue to think that this year we are not missing much.

Last but not least, we cannot forget about this selection of the masters of humor. Les Luthiers have their own place in the firmament of the stars of humor. It is difficult to choose a single sketch to include in this compilation. But, anyway, you had to opt for one and here it is ...