Pet Rescue Saga, if you are stuffed try to free animals

pet rescue saga

Have you melted all the lives in Candy Rush Saga and you don't know what to do? If you have already used all the available tricks and you have no choice but to wait for the countdown to have a new life, keep reading because we are going to tell you about another game that can make the wait more fun . The same creators of the sweetest game of the moment have also launched Pet Rescue Saga for mobile phones and tablets , another similar puzzle-type game to which, in addition to destroying blocks, the tender charm of rescuing defenseless animals is added .

Available for free for both iPhone , as well as for smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system , Pet Rescue Saga is an adventure as additive as Candy Rush Saga, although its gameplay varies a lot with respect to the candy. In  Pet Rescue Saga we will have to select a series of color blocks , which will be broken until the pets arrive safely on the ground. Then we leave you with the direct link to the Google Play and App Store bazaars where you can download Pet Rescue Saga.

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Color blocks and adorable animals. Those are the main ingredients of a game that puts endless puzzles on our way that we will have to solve correctly to move to the next level. This adaptation of the Facebook original , currently has 72 levels, although plans to add new challenges soon. Like the good old Sonic when he jumped on top of the capsules of the evil Dr. Robotnik , our main mission will be to free all kinds of captive animals , from puppies to rabbits or cute little pigs.

There are three factors in Pet Rescue Saga that are highly reminiscent of other games in the family like Candy Rush Saga . In the first place, we must be very careful about the strategy when breaking blocks, we must take into account how the play will be and foresee if it will be a good or bad move. Lives are limited, so sometimes we will have to wait a certain time before getting back to work. Lastly, the game is full of special powers and other weapons,that can be easily purchased upon payment with real money. This last part is totally optional, but without a doubt it gives great advantage to those players who choose to acquire them.

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As we said at the beginning, Pet Rescue Saga can be good entertainment when we are waiting for lives in Candy Rush Saga, but it is a game with its own identity and a very addictive gameplay, so we run the risk of being as hooked on saving dogs as on mix goodies. We leave you with no direct links with where our guests can download the game from Google Play and the App Store of Apple .

Free download Pet Rescue Saga for Android

Free Download Pet Rescue Saga for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch